Karadur Inacu  (karadur) wrote,
Karadur Inacu 

I Need Another List

Why? Because at present, I am altogether owed no less than $300 (probably more), and it's getting hard to keep track of who owes me what. I'll try to go about this chronologically though, as that would seem to be the easiest way to come up with a complete list:

Naomi] Owes me $10 for the internet from last month, and very shortly, $10 for this month. She has until the 19th to pay the former, or she won't be using the internet until she does
Adam] Currently owes me $270 for the loan I gave him last year, and has already paid his share of the internet cost for this month
Dad] Doesn't owe me any money (at present), but is paid up for the internet until next month, because he usually gives me $20
Manoah] Owes me $120. Is expected to pay up by the 19th, he will be barred from borrowing money until he pays a late fee, to be determined
Brandon] Owes $60 as of last night, and as of tonight, $100, because he emailed me asking if he could borrow another $40, which I don't see any great issue with.

Manoah and Brandon are special cases, obviously, because the amounts they owe me are significant, and I really want (almost need) to have that money back from them by the end of the month, but how can I enforce that? It remains to be seen if Brandon will pay me back on time, or ask for an extension, but if Manoah delays again, and doesn't apologize, I might skip the 25-cents-per-day fee described before, and go right to a dollar. I wouldn't charge him for the time that I'll be in Toronto, but that way he knows that I won't just settle for being kept waiting. All of my expenses accrued between Wednesday and Thursday certainly don't help either, but it looks like that so long as I'm paid at least $400 (which there's a fair chance of, as our holiday pay for Good Friday should be coming next week), I'll be alright. Shoes notwithstanding, of course, but aside from that, I want to get some ice cream from the Tim Hortons out on Keil before going to class on Monday, as well as wanting to go to Harvey's for supper on the way home, and then to 7-11 sometime during my three days off next week. I think it's fair to say that $40 will cover everything, and if it doesn't, well, I can use $20 of the money that Brandon should have given me by then.

Money matters aside though, it's been a slow, but fun day. I woke up at 3, and in the following three hours, did nothing but play Avernum: Escape From The Pit. There's just something innately satisfying about exploring and collecting various treasures, as I believe I said recently about why I didn't find Geneforge 5 particularly enjoyable, and the best part is, I don't even know if I'm past the demo area yet. I could have not registered the game, and played through whatever was available normally, but I openly confess that one of the things I did as soon as I registered was using the character editor to fully increase the stats of all my party members. Is it cheating? Yes, but I like the exploration and the looting and the not having to backtrack (at least not too much) to access all of a given area. Unfortunately, it is quite a time-sink, as mentioned, and the one increasingly important other task I have to complete is typing up my notes from class on Monday before next Monday comes. Maybe I'll work on that when I get home tonight, or maybe I'll go right back to exploring again. Either way, I'm doing the latter for now. Another fifteen minutes should be just as enjoyable as before~

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