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I Know This One

It's getting to be very close to the time that I decide to take a break from this. Aside from work, I've largely just been playing Avernum for the past couple days (although I did type up my class notes before work on Sunday), and as of tonight, it's crossing the enjoyable-annoying threshold. The game is still fun, but I'm used to it. I need something else to do in between, so I have a couple things in mind for right now. One is to actually get to work on cleaning up things on my laptop (my start menu is even becoming cluttered now), and the other is to study for the exam next week, which I intend to try for two hours a day of right now. One hour in the early afternoon, and the other sometime after midnight would leave enough time in between that it doesn't become a chore, and also allow me to slot in an hour or two in-between, if desired. The course review tonight wasn't bad, per se (I'd estimate that I knew the answers to a third of the questions asked), but it needs to be better before next Monday. One question in particular stuck out though, for reasons that will be explained following it (and bear in mind that it is written below exactly as it is on the slide):

You are a bit concerned when you get your child's report card back and in the comments space it says that she enjoys spending time with herself and rarely plays with any of the other children. She doesn't normally provide empathy for those students who get hurt in class or have lost a loved one. In addition to this, the teacher would like you to get a doctor's opinion on whether she is autistic or not. What personality disorder does your child resemble the most?

Now, I could write a couple good-sized paragraphs on how that question should be rewritten, but I'm not going to. Instead, I'll say that this is one of the questions I was asked, and if I may, it's a rather interesting coincidence. At first, I said it was Antisocial Personality Disorder, because we covered that one in class, and I assumed that all the questions being asked were based on material we had covered in weeks prior. The teacher shook her head though, so I thought for a moment, and then went off somewhat to myself about how it might be Avoidant Personality Disorder, but probably wasn't, and then, as a last attempt, said "Schizoid Personality Disorder?", because it's one that I've researched for my own purposes, and seemed to fit the criteria well. Preferring to be on one's own? Check. Limited to no capability for empathy toward other people? Check again. Overt symptoms leading to suspicion of possible autism? Check, one last time. As the title of this entry says, I know this. I still don't know if one or the other accurately describes me, or if neither of them do, at that, but where the question is concerned, I knew the answer, even though I hadn't seen it in the textbook, and it hadn't so much as casually been mentioned in class. When I answered, a couple of the other people there asked "What was it?", which was fun, so yes... I enjoyed that <3 Class ended a little earlier than normal too (around 8:45), which was nice because I still wanted to go to Harvey's for supper, but now that I have, I kind of wish I hadn't. I bought two of the sandwiches they started selling today, and a poutine. The total? Some cents over nineteen dollars. For three items. It's a good thing I don't go there too often. For what it's worth, the burgers were good, as was the poutine (although it had started to go cold by the time I got to the bottom), but I'll almost certainly not be going out anywhere for snacks tomorrow now. I have been thinking that if I can find some reason to be out, and either on or near that side of the city, I'll walk up to work for my pay stub, and to hopefully get some of the money that Brandon borrowed over the weekend back, but I really only want to go out to The Bargain Shop, and that would probably be to the one out on Queen Street, as I know they have a fair selection of (relatively) inexpensive treats. Alternately, I could just go out to Dollarama in the mall, but as it's only Tuesday tomorrow, they're not likely to be open past 5, and I might not get out there before then depending on when I start studying.

With that said, however, I think I will just go back to Avernum to finish the battle I paused in to write this, then go to bed. I think I'm about halfway through the game now (there's roughly a quarter of the map left to explore, and as it's somewhat related, I want to mention that I quite literally had to travel across the other three quarters to find the last basic shovel I needed for quest given at the beginning of the game), so I should pace myself, and it's not like there aren't more productive things to do instead. Maybe my goal for tomorrow should be to have my laptop completely cleaned up by this time. Maybe...

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