Karadur Inacu  (karadur) wrote,
Karadur Inacu 

A Reversal of Distraction

Ever since late last night, I've felt this overwhelming sensation of being unable to focus. I started to tidy up my desktop, and made it to the point where I needed to connect one of my external drives, but didn't make it beyond that, mainly from being distracted by various games. A couple weeks ago, while I was eagerly awaiting the Windows release of Avernum: Escape From The Pit, I took it upon myself to collect installers for all of Spiderweb Software's games, as well as script-based editors (mostly for the Geneforge series), and means by which to register all of the games. The two are related in that last night I tested Nethergate (the original) and Blades of Exile in Windows XP to make sure they worked, which they do (I'm just not sure if the version of Nethergate I have is the full game, or the demo), but even that couldn't hold my interest for more than fifteen minutes. In the end, my most amazing way of ending the night was becoming unbelievably tired around 5, and going to bed shortly thereafter. I didn't go out anywhere yesterday, and in fact didn't even leave the house, so how would I rate it altogether? Poor. In addition to the above, I ate about twenty cookies, which is already coming back at me, and surely will next week around this time as well. As for today, I had a package to pick up at Shoppers, then we went out to get groceries a day early, and now I find myself sitting here, at almost 7pm, feeling simultaneously as if the day has barely started, and is already nearly halfway over. Plans for tomorrow include going out to Value Village to look for a couple new shirts, and then probably to Dollarama as well, but I just feel so... stuck. The especially interesting thing is that next week on this day, I'll have been in London for close to four hours, meanwhile I currently have given very little thought to making a map to follow again. The one I have from last time should suffice (if it's still on my PSP), but I need to check closing times of the places I want to go to, as well as addresses (particularly for Bulk Barn, as I wasn't able to find it last time), and all else, following which I work a scant three days and have a single day off to get things out / be partly packed / actually finish cleaning up files on my laptop, and then just like that, I'm off and away on Tuesday. Absolutely lovely. I am still looking forward to going to London and Toronto, but it feels like my time is even tighter than last time I lamented about the same thing. Maybe I'll devote the entirety of tomorrow night (post-washing dishes) to take care of as much of what needs to be done here as possible. That seems like a fair idea, but it requires me to not be distracted, and to be able to focus, which clearly isn't happening yet.

Otherwise though, I feel extremely hungry, which is probably because of yesterday. I even thought about going to 7-11 for just a few snacks, but didn't, which may complicate things for work, in addition to working with Manoah. It's pretty well guaranteed that he'll bring up my hair as topic of conversation at some point. I tried using toner on it again last night, and while it looks white under light like before, it's blonde under normal conditions. As such, after we went grocery shopping today, I asked to go over to Walmart, where I bought another bleaching kit. Regardless of whether he says something first, or I bring it up myself, I will tell him that I want to use that before the end of the weekend, and am comfortable doing it by myself this time, if he's unavailable. I don't mind the thought of going away for a week with my hair as it is now. It's different, which is essentially what I wanted, but if it can be made white with the application of another kit and toner to follow that, I will give it a try. That aside though, there's also not knowing if George will get back to me and be available in time. At the moment, it doesn't seem likely, but not having heard back from him yet, it's impossible to know whether or not he knows what's going on in the next couple weeks. Really, I think the thing that would serve me best right now is to make up a list for things to do when I get home from work tonight: finish with files on my laptop. Instead of leaving them until tomorrow, take care of everything tonight. That way it's done, and anything I download between now and then can be dealt with / kept on my desktop as needed. In order to make that faster, I will get that hard drive ready right now, and then hope for a relatively quick night at work. At least I'll have that to focus on for several hours. Who knows? It might even help my concentration afterward...

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