Karadur Inacu  (karadur) wrote,
Karadur Inacu 

Sort of Where I Want to Be

Go figure that I could find myself at another indecision right now. My pay last night was slightly more than expected, thanks mostly to our extra pay from working on Good Friday, so I now have about $130 over my desired limit. As I'm expecting a fair amount from Brandon and Manoah today as well though, let's set that aside, and concentrate on what they owe me. From Brandon, $100. From Manoah, $120. Of that, I have approximately $150 in expenses that absolutely must be taken care of within a couple days. Buying a new pair of shoes and paying for the internet will cost approximately $60 each, then there's $30 for gas to Mom, leaving me with $70. I suppose I could keep that for whatever I end up needing money for in the coming week, then visit the bank before I go to work next Wednesday to withdraw however much extra I need for going to London, but that doesn't quite help with plans for today. It's currently only ~1:30pm, because I woke up at noon unable to sleep any longer, and in the hour and a half since, have decided that it would probably be more efficient to go to Dollarama now. Unfortunately, I have $10 at most in my wallet, which would probably be enough to buy whatever I pick out, but I don't want to take the chance either. Perhaps I'll just pay with debit. I should only be at ten or so transactions thus far this month. The alternative is to wait until after 5, and that would conflict both with going to Value Village, and with washing the dishes at a reasonable time. At any rate, I definitely have a goal for the next two weeks: try not to spend more than $130 from my checking account. Should be manageable, so long as I don't get carried away like last Thursday.

Those personal matters aside though, there's something that's still on my mind from work last night, or rather something from just after work. Manoah and I stepped outside at the end of the night, said our goodbyes, and set off to go home - him to his mom's car, and me to the sidewalk, obviously. Once I reached it, I noticed a short distance up ahead, somebody in an electric wheelchair was coming toward me, so I stepped off to the side, onto the grass, and continued walking. As we passed each other, I heard him say "Hey beautiful", with absolutely no hint of jest in his voice, and I just continued walking, not wanting to even consider giving him a weird look, because quite frankly, it was creepy. The irony (compared to where and how I saw myself several years ago) is that for a guy to have said that was more unsettling than it would've been for the same to come from a woman, but even so, leave me alone. If you're joking, then I can kind of look the other way and not let it bother me, but unless I actually know you well enough to have an understanding of your sense of humor, it's best to think twice before making that sort of comment. If, on the other hand, you're serious, please still leave me alone. I'm not interested. Otherwise, it was an okay night. Busier than expected, but everything still got done without going too much over our allotted time, and now I have a day off to relax. I did finish cleaning up files on my laptop last night as well, so I've decided that for tonight, there will be two: complete a new (current) backup of the contents of my two PSP memory sticks, and work up as complete a map as possible for where I want to go in London. Maybe even make it into a handwritten map on an index card, so I don't have to pull my PSP out and consult an image when I want to confirm where I'm at. That would include rough maps of both White Oaks Mall and Citi Plaza as well though, which may take more time than I set aside to complete.

Whatever the case, I'm off to Dollarama for now. Hopefully it doesn't take any more than an hour to go there and back~

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