Karadur Inacu  (karadur) wrote,
Karadur Inacu 

What Is It With Thursdays?

I seem to be noticing a recurring trend in which I spend a majority of the money I make in any two given weeks at work on Thursdays. I want to say it's not necessarily directly linked to Thursday being pay day for us, but consider this. Last Thursday, I spent nearly $150 from my chequing account, as described here. This Thursday / yesterday, I went through roughly the same, as noted below:

a] Various goodies from Dollarama. Cost: ~$7
b] Gas money to Mom. Cost: $30
c] Sixty dollars put on my Visa for TekSavvy. Cost: $60
d] Two new t-shirts, not from Value Village. Cost: ~$25
e] A new pair of shoes (finally). Cost: ~$45
f] Snacks from 7-11. Cost: ~$8

Plus the shoes and poster that Brandon's after me to order for him, which I'm unsure of the prices on, because I'm currently waiting for him to reply as to whether or not he'll be able to pay me back for those before the 26th. I actually like that idea more, because that way he eventually gets his items, and I get cash back from him, thereby eliminating needing to go to the bank to get money for when I go to London, but it's still alot for one day once again. For what it's worth though, both he and Manoah fully repaid the money they owed me, so aside from going to Dollarama, which I said I would probably use my debit card for, all other expenses were paid for with cash, and as expected, of the $220 I started off with, I have $60 left. Would've been $70, but as item F indicates, I wanted to go to 7-11, so I did, shortly after 1am. Getting back to the theory now, the above demonstrates how it was true o at least the two most recent Thursdays. Let's now look ahead to next Thursday, and realize that oh, that's when I go to London, so I can expect to spend about the same amount then. Lovely pattern, isn't it? Fortunately, it should be broken as of the Thursday after next, because I'll be in Toronto then, and we will likely do the majority of our grocery shopping on Tuesday night, making Thursday my baking day. I wonder if it will feel different...

In other news, in order to prove that I actually did something with my night yesterday, I have this to show off. I started working on it around 11pm, took about a half-hour break at 1am to go to 7-11 and enjoy my snacks, then was until 6am putting it together and adding all variety of finishing touches. I feel it's pretty comprehensive though. Aside from Best Buy (only if I have time to spare) and Canada Trust (only if I need more money), if it's not labeled on that map, I probably won't stop there, and even if it is labeled on the map, I might not stop there anyway (because going to all seven Tim Hortons would be silly). Otherwise, I will go everywhere, at very least just to look around, and will hopefully enjoy myself along the way. The Weather Network currently says that it'll be on the cool side, with fairly significant wind, and a chance of rain. That, as I recall, is really close to what it was like before, so I could manage with that. As for things here in the meantime, I think I can come home and study for a bit tonight without having to worry about anything else not being done, for once, as PSP backups are complete too, and as for bleaching my hair on my own, it seems to have come out mostly okay. Possibly a bit darker at the back than the front, and there are no guarantees that the toner will work this time, even though it's definitely lighter than before, but I will still give it a try on Sunday. The bottle of stronger toner came in the mail yesterday as well, so if the normal stuff doesn't work, I'll have something else to attempt the day after. I hope it works, but until then, for today, I have about an hour and a half to myself, so I'm going to find something else to do with it. Avernum is currently at a standstill, because I'm stuck at having to free Grah-Hoth (the door to the chamber is locked, and none of the in-game characters give hints as to where to find the key, or what to do next), but I could always complete some minor quests. Maybe that will help get me back on track~

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