Karadur Inacu  (karadur) wrote,
Karadur Inacu 

I Recognize That Smell

Surely one of the more curious things that has happened recently, but from where I am right now, I keep smelling garlic bread - the kind from either Little Caesars or Pizza Hut, specifically. Could it be because I want to make garlic bread for supper when I get home from work tonight, or might there actually be garlic bread (and possibly pizza) downstairs in the kitchen? It could also quite easily be coming from outside, but source aside, it's just barely there, yet I can smell it all the same. How very unusual. And how very indicative of the way this afternoon is going so far that I start this entry out on the topic of (possibly) phantom smells. I woke up about fifteen minutes before 3, and have been doing not much since then. Brandon's purchases were taken care of last night - he paid me in full, and both the poster and shoes are being shipped directly to him (the shoes in particular, because if they're in a large box, they might incur customs fees, which I don't want to be responsible for), but I added one more destination to my list of places to consider going in London next week, and have been playing Avernum otherwise. Honestly, I want to start a new game, so that I may proceed properly, instead of exploring as much of the map as possible first, and dealing with quests / the actual plot of the game afterward, which may have been negatively impacted by the preceding exploration. That is, explore, say, the Eastern Gallery (beginning area of the game) fully, and complete all quests there, before traveling south, or before buying a boat and going out as far as the river extends. We'll see about that though, as it's not a terribly important issue.

As for things that are, I feel like I have a bit more time today. When I found myself here yesterday, I got ready for work, thinking that I would be able to get a ride to Money Mart, but as it turned out, Mom and Dad were nowhere to be found, so I rushed out there, then back to work, somehow coming out with ten minutes to spare, and no acknowledgement of the effort from Brandon. He even didn't pay me back until three hours after he said he would, but I have the money, so all is well there again. In regards to work though, it was pretty busy, which I figure is why I was scheduled to start at 8, and therefore is most likely true of today as well, but I think I'm fine with that. Tom wasn't last night though, and as with Brandon, he was ungrateful. At 1:00, I took over taking orders / helping customers for him so he could go wash the dishes, and stayed there for the remainder of the night, even stocking things and cleaning up the area in the last half hour. Ultimately, all he said to me was "Thanks for taking over so I could wash these dishes", and "Did you wipe this down already?" He also seemed genuinely frustrated about being expected to do some cleaning that neither Manoah nor I were able to get to, being busy with orders, even though he had two hours free of most other responsibilities. Maybe I'm being unfairly hard on him, but take what you can get. I would be grateful if Manoah were to have taken over for me so I could get things that I really needed to work on done, and certainly wouldn't complain if he asked me to clean something while I was busy. I'd just tell him that I'd get to it when I was finished with what I was working on, unless he wanted it done straight away. The good part about taking over for him (Tom) though was that somebody tried to walk up and order again, ending in them saying "You're a [guess what goes here] Jew!", and me saying "Okay. Have a good night", then laughter from Manoah. Same as when it happened before, I like being indifferent like that, but I want it to happen at the window sometime so when they make such an apparently scathing remark, I can put my head down as if I'm trying to calm myself, then look up, and say "Have a good night sir / ma'am". Better that way, because they go off thinking they got to me, and I go off to whatever needs to be done next.

That's about it for now though. Time to head off to another early night~

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