Karadur Inacu  (karadur) wrote,
Karadur Inacu 

End On a Strong Note

I think the thing I was hoping for most going in to write my exam tonight was to feel the same way about it as the first test we were given - worried and all else at first, but ever more confident with each question, which I feel is close enough to what happened. Instead of going from front to back, I flipped straight to the back first to get the true / false and short answer questions out of the way, then went in reverse through the ~7 pages of multiple choice, then back to the last page at the end, to at least attempt to answer one of the questions that I couldn't think of the answer to. I did give an answer (even if not the correct one) to every question, but that I can remember (I obviously don't have a copy of the exam handy, and will in fact have to arrange to meet with the teacher after she gives us our marks to get it back), the following are what I had trouble with:

Short Answer Question 2
You see a product advertised on TV that looks interesting, so you go out and buy it, only to find that it doesn't live up to the commercial's presentation. Even so though, you continue to buy the product. What type of conditioning is this, and how does it work?

Last True / False Question
There is a limited window in a child's development for language acquisition to take place. After this, it is impossible to learn a new language.

Random Multiple Choice Question
I can't remember the question specifically, but it had to do with selecting the described phobia. I chose agoraphobia (I believe it was option a) because it seemed to fit the criteria the best (being presented in class as a fear of any situation where escape would not be possible), but still wrote a note next to it saying "I always thought agoraphobia was a fear of wide, open spaces". Wikipedia (apparently) supports my stance. The teacher doesn't (at least not yet), and I haven't checked the textbook though.

Short Answer Question 1
Not so much an issue with not being able to think of the answer, but this question concerned the Stanford Prison Experiment. The first task given in the actual question was to explain what had happened over the course of the experiment, which I scoffed at, and refused to answer for a good couple minutes. You (the teacher) really expect us to describe (presumably in detail) the specifics of an experiment which took three slides and a video to go over in class? Please kindly consider narrowing your expectations.

Aside from that, I think I did well enough for a mark of at least 70%. We also got our final assignment back, and to my minor amusement, my mark this time is 12.5. The half point came off for either not focusing on certain issues enough, the general focus "drifting", or for ending the paper with "Truly, every little bit helps." Do I care? Kind of, but more than that, it's nice to be done for now. I finished earlier than expected too - right around 7:30 - so I stopped in at Zellers, Dollarama, and Canadian Tire on the way home (but only bought anything at Dollarama), and enjoyed the only "off" night I have for the next little bit. Tomorrow will be somewhat more of the same, but I still work until 10, then Wednesday doesn't count because I close, followed by Thursday, when I'm going to London, with Friday through Sunday after that to close some more, then only Monday off, which will be busy anyway, because James gave me a good idea for a treat to make before I go away this time: cookie pizza. I will, and will probably make two, at that, because I want him to get some, but he doesn't work on Tuesday, and I also want to be able to take something in before I leave on Tuesday, so I can work on that next week. As if that wasn't enough, I also still want to get out to The Bargain Shop before Thursday (although it's not absolutely necessary, considering I know where one is in London now), and to Mark's Work Wearhouse tomorrow for a couple more shirts, this time in size XXL. The other two I bought do fit, and I intend to keep them, but they're just a little too tight to be comfortable.

Otherwise, now that I've been sitting here for ten minutes thinking about what else to write, I can think of little else to say just yet. The last major event standing between the weekend and my plans for Thursday is now out of the way, so it feels like I'm just waiting until then. Well, waiting, but keeping busy in the meantime as well. I cleaned my room up earlier (it was getting to be pretty messy again), so all that needs to be done is the floor, and then there's Avernum 6. Yes, instead of going back through Escape From The Pit again, I jumped all the way up to the last game in the series, and have already reached the end of the demo. There are a couple quests left to complete (and a couple that won't be completed, such as the lady who wants flawless crystals), and that's about it there. I should get to bed though, what with starting early tomorrow and such. This is one of the rare times that I have nothing else important to do, so I should take advantage of it~

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