Karadur Inacu  (karadur) wrote,
Karadur Inacu 

So Very Unexpectedly Close

I may have only one day to wait, but it appears that in spite of that, I've been beaten to it. Although they mentioned nothing of it prior to now, Mom and Dad are apparently off in London today for an appointment with a doctor, and then tomorrow, I get to head away, unbeknownst to them and nearly everybody else (I think Manoah, Dan, and Xion are the only people I've discussed my exact plans with), and - hopefully - be there on my own. It is interesting to think about all three of us unwittingly traveling up there on the same day, but just as this year I once again would like to not run into Josh, I would strongly prefer to not see anybody who knows me. There are still several possibilities, yes, but I should think that if any of those were to be realized, all the other person would say is "Hey, I haven't seen you in a while", or similar. At any rate, on top of adding another destination to my list of places to go earlier this week, I have yet another as of yesterday afternoon, made necessary by not being able to find t-shirts in the size that I wanted. Maybe they don't make the specific type I was looking for in XXL size, but I'll look in London as well, and if not, might have to plan another trip to Value Village between Friday and Monday. That connects to something else currently (still) on my mind though, so let's set the above thought aside, and move onto this next one.

Yesterday afternoon, Xion and I were talking about a URL he sent me. Specifically, he thought I used Microsoft's Skydrive service, and wanted to show me that they would be cutting storage space available to free accounts to 7GB, from 25. I more or less replied that the change didn't affect me, and then noticed another article heading off to the side about Gmail increasing free storage limit to ~10GB, which is indeed true, because mine is up from ~7.8 yesterday afternoon to 10,171 at this moment. Conversation shifted from there (he felt I should sign up for the new storage service that Google was offering, even though I blatantly stated that I already had two (three, including Vimeo) that worked for me), and eventually he randomly commented that a pamphlet that came with something he ordered (presumably online) was funny. Problem for me is that the specific topic sounded like it dealt with one of the things that I don't want to discuss with friends ever again (at least for the foreseeable future), so I somewhat hastily asked "They sent you a pamphlet?", trying to sound interested, followed by a drop in conversation. He replied to say that they had, and that it was funny again, and I didn't have anything else to say, so I went off to check an address on Google Maps, and once I found that it fit with my plans, told him that maybe I could find better shirts there. His response? Not an exact quote, but "Wow, you sure changed the subject fast :P". Pardon me? I've changed the subject because I don't have anything else to say regarding what you told me, and am not content to let the conversation completely die just because of that? To make it even better, I had to leave for work right then, so I told him that I might explain my stance when I got back. Instead of doing that, however, I just said that my original statement stood - I had nothing else to say, and wasn't so much changing the subject as I saw it, considering shirts were (then) a concern, having just been out to look for more, and his response was a solitary "Kay". Maybe this will come out eventually. Maybe something will happen to make him realize that there are certain things I can and will not talk about, entirely for my own good. It might even come up next week, sure, but that gives me plenty of time to concoct a measured response.

With that point of aggravation and concern out of the way though, work went well, and my first night without study was enjoyable, overall. The course actually being over became a bit more real when I heard an ad on the radio at work for those programs being offered for Summer again, but it probably won't fully register until our exams are marked, and final grades our sent out. I believe I will be one of the people who opts to meet up with the teacher someplace to get my exam back too. I would like to see if she made any comments about my remarks to some of the multiple choice questions, as well as how she graded the couple where I answered "both true and false". If I do take another one of those classes in the future, and find myself as confident while writing a test or exam then, I will definitely do the same thing. There were three factors that could have influenced my confidence this past Monday - knowing, or thinking I knew the answers to most of the questions, the teacher having put on an amusing movie from Youtube first, to help alleviate some stress, or keeping up with not being content to just answer the questions and leave it at that, and of those three, I feel the second and third helped the most. Knowing the answers is important too, but being able to think of the answers is also important.

Other things aside though, I now have an open afternoon ahead of me. Would be an ideal time to go out to The Bargain Shop, but I don't want to do that until I've been to London, so instead, I'll just try to pick up where I left off last night in Avernum 6. I raided one of the minor characters' goods before talking to them, which there was apparently a flag set for, so before even entering the building they're found in, they were already calling me a thief, and I want to see if I can find the script for that exact area, to make them friendly again. It should be possible, but there are a lot of scripts to check. Alas, this is what I get for stealing. Let that serve as a lesson~

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