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Tomorrow Should Be Interesting

If I had to sum up the events of today in one statement, I would say that for the most part, I enjoyed myself, but my back, legs, and feet hurt. My back feels the way it does probably because by the time I was done buying things (shortly before I went to Harvey's for supper, which was at ~7:10), I had to have been carrying around a good fifteen pounds of stuff, if not more, while my legs hurt from the amount of walking (suffice it to say, Wellington Road seemed much longer this time, especially on the way back), and my feet hurt for the same reason, as well as that they are both blistered, right behind the big toe. Aside from those things though, I am pleased to report that I made it there and back without any violent encounters such as what happened last time, and took a certain amount of satisfaction in noticing where I went wrong before. Just before the underpass that leads up to the train station, the sidewalk leads straight down the alley that I mistakenly walked down back in 2010, meaning the proper course of action (to avoid confrontation) is to cross the street (well, it looks like part of the street, but is probably meant to be a bus stop), and step onto the other sidewalk, which leads down under the train tracks, as desired. There were once again a bunch of people up there this time though, and I think I heard one of them try to get my attention, but I was listening to music at the time, so I put whatever I thought I heard out of my mind, and continued on walking. I made it back to the train station with 45 minutes to spare, and that could certainly be cut shorter if I had anywhere else to go (I was considering stopping at Shoppers on the way back, but didn't want to because it seemed too far out of the way), but for today, it worked out well. It was during that 45 minutes that I had a proper chance to rest, and my body was able to catch up with the strain it had been under, but now I am home, with pretty much everything sorted out, awaiting what should be a very good night's sleep. Less than normal last night coupled with walking ~12km seem to have been most exhausting.

As for things purchased, items I am willing to mention include three bags of candy from Bulk Barn, candy / snacks from every single Dollarama I stopped at, as well as The Bargain Shop, another bleaching kit from Walmart to use on Monday night (one last touch-up before I go to Toronto), two larger shirts from Mark's Work Wearhouse, and three of the most amazing notebooks from the Dollarama down by East Side Mario's. Do I need notebooks? Absolutely not, and even less so small little things with only ~10 lines per page, and only about 200 pages, but I couldn't resist the colors and the texture. They're bright and vibrant, with each one having a different pattern, and they're soft and fuzzy, which is a delight (for whatever reason). I also went to every single store on my list (that is, not fast food places), which cost a total of ~$160 (I used the last $20 bill at 7-11 and Tim Hortons back in Chatham, but still have a little over $30 in change...), and that, I feel, is expensive, but reasonable. I got what I wanted, and didn't go over what I allotted myself, so there is no reason to complain. The train ride was also surprisingly quiet, aside from being delayed half an hour getting to London, because another train needed to pass first, which is something I don't really understand. Going to London, I was literally the first person on the train (out of everybody at the station, that is), and thus chose a window seat, thinking somebody would eventually come along and sit beside me. That never happened though, and it got even better on the way home. When that part of the trip came, I did what I used to do when coming home from going to London for the furmeet - sat in one of the reserved seats right at the front of the train car, but nobody said anything, and I had those entire four seats to myself all the way back to Chatham. Meanwhile, come next Monday, the train will likely be packed. I suppose we'll see then.

In other news, I haven't played it too much more since I got home, but I did work out the problem I had with Sage Angela's script in Avernum 6, by changing things as follows:

begintalknode 45;
state = 30;
nextstate = -1;
condition = gf(145,15) >= 1 && party_has_item(214) == 0;
question = "I have no more flawless crystals to sell. (End this quest.)";
text1 = "Sage Angela looks disappointed, but nods anyway. _I understand. As I said, they are very scarce. Thank you for your assistance._";
code =

begintalknode 46;
state = 30;
nextstate = -1;
condition = gf(145,13) == 0 && party_has_item(214) > 0;
question = "Do you need any more flawless crystals?";
text1 = "_I appreciate the offer, but no, I do not. Try checking with Portmaster Bronner upstairs. He may be willing to pay for any more that you have collected._";

Talk node 45 is pretty much the same as before. If the party are not carrying any flawless crystals, offer a conversation option to end the quest, but tweak Sage Angela's response slightly, to be more conclusive. Should the player then speak to her when they find more flawless crystals, a new option will be shown to ask her if she still needs them, and when selected, Sage Angela will respond as shown - no, but by going upstairs and checking with a different character, one can sell them for twenty coins more than they were worth for the quest. Given enough time, maybe I'll finally get on with the game instead of tweaking scripts to make quests progress in the most agreeable way possible. Not tonight though. It is time that I went to bed. Adventuring will have to wait until tomorrow~

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