Karadur Inacu  (karadur) wrote,
Karadur Inacu 

Running Out of Time

Not at all coincidentally, I had plenty of time when I woke up today, but I spent it doing nothing in particular, then asked for a ride out to Walmart to look for a couple things (one being more snacks for the furmeet), which made me want to leave for work early, to go to Bulk Barn first (they close at 5pm tomorrow), which I still intend to do, but in order to have time for that, I figure I should leave around 6:30, which feels like it's approaching a lot faster now that it's already 6:00. I suppose if I don't make it there tonight, I could just as easily go on Monday, but I'd rather not leave it until the last possible day, and I also may just need to go to Food Basics for some chocolate syrup. I still want to make two cookie pizzas before I leave, and both chocolate and caramel syrup would be good on those, but I'm running out of the former. Thinking though, I'm not sure about how I want them to be distributed. The idea behind making two was that one would be for Monday, and the other for Tuesday, but I really only want James to get some on Monday, because he suggested it. As such, I may just make one pizza when I get home from work on Sunday, cut James' quarter out and bring it to him, then leave the rest at home to be eaten, and make the second on Monday night, to be taken to work and fully distributed there. I think what I need is a list of everything I will / would like to do on Monday:

a] Make a list of things to pack, and pack as much as possible right then
b] Go to Value Village to find a second pair of pants
c] Take James' quarter-cookie-pizza to work
d] Bleach my hair one last time (at least for now)
e] Clean up my room, vacuum the floor, and tidy up my desktop as well
f] Make a second cookie pizza to take to work on Tuesday

Items B and C should be done at the same time, as soon as possible after 7pm. Item A could be worked on throughout the day (pile everything in one area until ready to pack), while the first part of E should be done before F, followed by a shower, then tidying up files on my laptop again, and finally, the second cookie pizza, once I've had a chance to rest for a bit. It seems like alot all in all, but I can only imagine what it would've been like if I left for Toronto yesterday, as I wished I had when I got to work last night. Again, it was pretty busy, but more than that, people seemed a bit tense. Gabby asked for somebody to line trays, so I got to work on that, and when I turned around to put them where they're supposed to go, noticed that there were already some there. I made an offhanded remark about that (just "Oh, there are already trays there"), and she tersely responded with "But we need more!" Meanwhile, there was exactly one customer waiting for their order at that point.

Otherwise, I should be getting ready to leave. Chances are fair that tonight won't go quite as I'm expecting, but the sooner I get to work, the sooner I can get started and be on my way to having one shift left, and also, the closer I can be to coming home and having a bit of time to myself to do absolutely nothing (within reason). I need a couple hours - maybe a couple hours before bed and tomorrow afternoon - to myself to just relax (one of the current problems is that I've started into the snacks I bought on Thursday, and am almost certainly eating too many at a time), and then get back to busyness on Monday. Ideally, anyway. I'll find out how things will actually go soon enough~

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