Karadur Inacu  (karadur) wrote,
Karadur Inacu 

This is Most Distracting

At some point between coming home from work and going to bed last night, I found a new text editor to make fiddling with Avernum 6's scripts easier. One of its features is syntax highlighting, and it is quite amusing (not to mention distracting) to turn it on when typing in plain text, and see what changes it makes. The first word of every paragraph is blue, and the two instances of the word "in" thus far are red. Does that at all indicate what kind of day it's been? I actually woke up around 12:30, really anxious to get started with preparations for Tuesday (amusingly, the first, and therefore presumably most important thing I did was weighing my bag of candy), but that never really took off. My laptop is more or less as organized as it's going to get for the moment, but instead of starting a list of things to pack after that, I got sidetracked with cleaning up RSS feeds in Palemoon. Quite a few of them were old, and either no longer of interest, or no longer functioning, so where I previously had five, there are now two - three, if I can figure out how to get an idea I had for some new ones to work.

The idea is that I could make RSS feeds (with feed43) for episode lists of all the shows I'm downloading either for myself, or other people, then as new episodes are aired and I download them, their respective items can be marked as read, taking some of the work out of it. Unfortunately, feed43 doesn't cooperate well with Wikipedia, and I don't have time today to go back over the extraction rules to see if I missed something. If it works, cool. Keeping track of what airs when will be easier, and even if it doesn't, I think I will migrate them to Palemoon anyway. That, however is about all that has been done in the way of constructive activities. Work is coming up in a bit, and it would be difficult not to be constructive / productive there, but here? With exception for a list of things to pack, everything else is relatively dependent on having the day off tomorrow. Speaking of tomorrow as well, I find that I'm really hoping I don't hear back from the teacher about how I did on the final exam until I'm in Toronto. I have a feeling that I did decently, so I'd like to be able to point that out then.

Tests and such aside though, nothing else really comes to mind for today. I'm confident that no matter how busy work is, this being my last close until next week should be enough to keep motivated, and as I went to both Bulk Barn and Food Basics yesterday night, I don't need stop anywhere or go anywhere else beforehand, and with that said, I'm off to start making a list. If I finish that in time, the only thing I'll have to do later is making a cookie pizza~

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