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These Are Familiar Surroundings

If anything is still left over from going to London last Thursday, it's knowing exactly which car to board when the train pulls into the station - the second from the front. The one at the very front is the business class car, and the others? I'm not sure. At any rate, here we are, on the way to London right now, but this time, I will stay on until we get to Toronto, and then... be picked up by Xion and Chris. Not Dan. Why? Because I received a message from Xion at about 5:30am saying that Dan had been taken to the hospital, due to recurrence of a certain physical malady. Apparently the only way they could convince him to go is by promising to pick me up, as the following indicates:

Xion: Either way we will get you we promised Dan
Xion: Yes he's had them before
Karadur: *nod* just the whole being rushed to the hospital thing
Xion: So come as you planed ok?
Karadur: That sounds kind of serious
Karadur: I will
Xion: it's the only way we could convince him in the pain he's in to go
Xion: He's that hung up on you coming and the meet hqppening
Karadur: The meet is largely out of my control, as I'm not the one in charge for it, but as for still making the trip up there tomorrow, please don't worry about me. I can get myself to the apartment if need be, so long as somebody is there to let me in
Xion: Well meet you at the station like always me and Chris.

Now, I do appreciate the commitment and the wanting to be there, but if you're feeling unwell enough that you have to be rushed to the hospital at ~5:30am, do what is best for your body, and don't worry about other obligations you may have. I would honestly have been upset if it came to the trip being canceled because of what happened, but so long as things are still on relatively as scheduled, I can get myself there. The most difficult part of it after getting on the subway would be carrying everything, and that becomes vastly more simple if I just take the time to not rush. As for Dan, Xion said he should be out by Friday, which means there will be a fair chance of going to see him in the hospital tomorrow, and then Sunday through Thursday after that to do things together? That sounds reasonable, but with him being almost out of the picture for nearly the first half of the time that I'll be there, it feels quite like that time I went to London when Cola was away at a conference / some sort of business function. I might very well go grocery shopping on my own tonight, just as I might end up having to figure a way out to Real Canadian Superstore on my own, and make the trip to Walmart on Thursday or Friday (to look for bigger boxes of Cookie Dough Bites) by myself as well. Grocery shopping on my own would probably be better, actually (aside from the combined weight of everything), and I do remember how to get to Walmart (subway to Kipling station, bus 123 out to the stop just up the street), but Real Canadian Superstore is another matter, and I would still like to go there, for cheese breadsticks. I suppose we'll see about all of that later tonight, and in the meantime, what other things are there to mention from Sunday and Monday?

To start, work on Sunday was... interesting. Up until the last hour, it was a standard not-busy-but-there-are-lots-of-dishes-to-wash night, but then, at about 12:30, Laura asked me to come up front and see if I could figure out where a beeping noise that had suddenly started was coming from. Without going into specific details of what was done in exact order, the beeping noise was coming from a UPS down in the same cubbyhole that a mysterious device known only as a "KVS" is in. The reason it was beeping is because the power socket it was plugged into had up and stopped working. The wrinkle with that was that plugged into the socket was one of those multi-outlet things, to which the UPS, KVS, and order till were all connected. Thus, orders could not be rung in normally, and when they were put in on the cash till, due to the KVS not being on, there was a ~20-second delay between pressing each button and the item appearing on the screen. Even after I fiddled around with it enough to conclude that the outlet was faulty, the issue with orders taking a long time to ring in was still present, and there was also one order up on only one of the boards online that could not be cleared for anything. Fortunately, switching the KVS off froze the timer on that, so I left Manoah a note to explain that part of the problem, in addition to Laura's own, then went about the rest of the night as normal as possible. Fun, though, that such issues should present themselves on the last day I work before being gone for an extended period of time.

As for yesterday, the only thing I didn't do from my list was going to Value Village. I have a pair of jeans packed, so hopefully two are enough. Otherwise, it was exactly what I expected - cleaning up and getting as much stuff packed as possible, then going out for as many of the smaller groceries I needed as possible, followed by what felt like a long rest of the night, made to feel long mostly by sorting out episodes of TV shows downloaded for Brandon and George, so everything would be current before I shut that laptop down. Then came this morning, where it felt like I was getting an unusually good, long sleep, and as it turns out, I was. In fact, I slept in nearly an entire hour extra, because although my alarm clock went off, the volume was very low. Still, as a result, I did not have a shower, but that was (I hope) the only ramification. I feel alert and clean enough now, so I can have a shower before bed tonight, if anything, and otherwise, it's just a matter of waiting another hour and a half. I believe I will end this to play DJMAX Trilogy as well though, so if there's anything else, I'll get to it later, and if not, hopefully I'll have a somewhat interesting story about getting out to Real Canadian Superstore to tell tomorrow~

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