Karadur Inacu  (karadur) wrote,
Karadur Inacu 

Not One Day to Rest

As per the next two schedules at work, from now until the Tuesday after next, I have only three days off. Tuesday and Thursday next week, then Tuesday the week after that, which is fine in the sense that I need the hours even more now (I even agreed to start at 7 tonight), but otherwise clearly not conducive to having time to relax. In spite of waking up at 11am yesterday, I still made it through to 6 (in the morning) without great issue, and slept until 2:30, so it might be that my sleeping patterns will require less time to adjust now, but that doesn't mean I wouldn't still like time to settle back in, and take care of everything that needs to be done at home before returning to work. In spite of that though, I feel mostly okay right now, and don't think starting an hour early will be a problem, but knowing that I work for another two nights after this is somehow... comforting, but also exasperating. Not to change the topic too abruptly, but what makes that somewhat remarkable on its own is only compounded by it being Mother's Day tomorrow, and me having no plans, and nothing to give Mom whatsoever. I could just say (figuratively) "Here, have $60, because I didn't have time to get you anything else", but I don't want to do that as it would come across as lazy, and I don't want to put off doing anything for Mom until Tuesday, unless I make it a point to buy her whatever she wants for a snack in Tilbury when we go to get our hair cut. That's still a gesture, and it's better than doing nothing at all, so I suppose that'll work.

In other news, I was downright angry on the way home from work last night. Why? Because I was thinking over other things that happened in Toronto, this time along the lines of being taken advantage of. They involve Xion once again, and for the most part go as follows. On Wednesday or Thursday night, he asked if, because I was already in the kitchen, and he still wasn't feeling well, I would make him up a can of soup, or something else hot. Bungee quickly located a can of chicken noodle soup, so I poured that in a pot with some water, and carefully took it out to the living room when it was ready. A night or two after that, once everybody else had gone to bed, and he (Xion) and I were just laying on the couches in the living room doing things on our laptops, I offhandedly made the comment that I was hungry, trying to hint that I was up for ordering pizza again, but he took it a different direction, leading me to the freezer in the kitchen, opening the door, and waving his hand, saying that I was welcome to make anything in there that I wanted to. In the end, I cooked a small ham and some perogies (enough for both of us), and then sat down to eat my share, feeling slightly annoyed at the predicament. I don't mind cooking food that I buy for myself, but making things that other people paid for is something I would prefer not to get into, because if they don't come out properly, I'll feel responsible, and pay to replace them, when I'd rather stick to making things I know how to prepare, or have paid for with my own money.

Continuing on though, skipping ahead another day or two to Friday, despite clearly seeing me in the middle of taking as much as possible down to the party room, he asked if I would use some of the chicken drumsticks that were also in the freezer to make him something. That's right. Him only. And I didn't have a recipe, but I found one online, and didn't get to actually cooking the chicken until about midnight, because the pieces had to thaw first, which is an annoyance all on its own. If you can see that I'm busy, make whatever you want to have yourself. Don't know how, or don't have any recipes? Why buy chicken drumsticks then? On that particular night, I would've liked to have gone to bed as soon as reasonably possible after taking the last of things downstairs, but for some reason, I had to make him supper first. I think it may be because he assumes I actually enjoy baking, and therefore by extension, cooking, but that's not true. I like trying out new recipes, and like making things to share with people, but actual baking is not something that I enjoy as much as he apparently thinks. The same then also applies to cooking, with the exception noted above - if it's something I know how to make, that I've paid for with my own money, then I'm fine with it. Otherwise, I'd really rather not. I came home from work last night to find a message from Dan in Instantbird, and after I replied, he and I talked for a bit, and at one point, regarding me cleaning the kitchen, he said "I would have wanted it clean before you got there, and also not get left doing dishes and cleaning the whole time you were here. It seemed like you were doing Xion's dishes the whole time and he wasn't helping." That is a most excellent point. It's their apartment, and even with Dan being in the hospital, somebody else could've taken it upon themselves to clean the kitchen before I arrived. In this specific case, I look at me cleaning it anyway as a matter of that it was easier to do it myself, rather than waiting for somebody else. As for the dishes and Xion not helping, that's true no matter which way you look at it. It makes me wonder how things are there now. I wonder if Dan talked to Xion about those concerns as well. It's interesting to think about, but he (Xion) hasn't been online since I left, so I wouldn't know.

At any rate, I now have about an hour left before I need to leave, and I'd like to ask Dan if he has any other concerns about the past week, because it gives us something to talk about. George also sent me an email about ten minutes ago, which I need to read as well, and them same as when I left for work last night, I have specific cleaning up to do in my room. So many things, but at least I can take care of one right now~

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