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Another Short (Placeholder) Entry

Because it looks like I won't get to writing a proper entry today (I've spent most of the last couple hours responding to George's most recent email), I'm going to leave myself a list of things to get back to later.

a] An observation about eating, with specific regards to Dan and Xion
b] Cheryl and Tom's antics on Friday night
c] Further thoughts about the main topic of my past two entries
d] If I remember what, something in Toronto that I really enjoyed
e] Evening the score with Xion
f] More than one person commenting about not me not getting angry
g] Guys on the way home last night calling me "cat guy", and asking for free tacos

I don't know that I'll write about all of those, but I more or less completed Avernum 6 today (lingering quests remain, but there aren't really any new areas to explore), and at the moment don't want to just come home and watch more episodes of Mythbusters, so we'll see what happens then. For now, I'm off to what should be a better night at work, provided it's not busy, as Laura said Mary expects it to be. Doesn't seem likely for a Saturday, but... I'll find out soon enough~