Karadur Inacu  (karadur) wrote,
Karadur Inacu 

I Like Fooling Myself

Just before I went to bed last night, I set my alarm for noon, because I was going to bed a little earlier than normal, and I figured having the extra hour in the morning would be helpful. As usually seems to happen the night before I have some new / uncommon event or task to wake up for in the morning, the ~8 hours of sleep seemed to go on for the full eight hours, in that I woke up around 6 thinking it must be noon, but actually only woke up because I had to go to the bathroom, so then I went back to bed until what I felt must be noon again, but it was only 10, then at noon, when the alarm finally went off, I got up for a moment, and laid right back down in bed again, setting the alarm ahead an hour along the way. In those final ~50 minutes, I'm really not sure what happened though. I remember having a couple dreams which seemed to go on for at least an hour each, but the first time I woke up, only ~20 minutes had passed, and the second, I distinctly remember a dream about playing through a really difficult level in Ballance (even though I haven't played that game for about a year), which I beat, but the finish looked more like one of the finish pads from Marble Blast Gold, except concave, and then I know I heard my alarm, so I got up, decided to stay awake, and went downstairs to check the mail and whatnot as per usual, then went back upstairs to my room, and only then looked at the time on my laptop, to see I still had ~15 minutes. And what's all this about, you may ask? I'm guessing it's because while I am willing to go to Heart and Stroke today, I don't really want to, because I'll probably be asked to go tomorrow as well, and that would neatly prevent me from being able to sleep in until Friday, which is when another weekend of closing starts.

In other news though, circumstances aside, this is kind of nice. Since Monday afternoon, Adam, Naomi, and I have had the house to ourselves, because Mom and Dad are away in London. Somewhat frustratingly, I can't think of anything to do now that they're not around that I couldn't do with them here before, but the quiet, and slight change in responsibility is nice. The only downside is that one of our aunts (I think she's our aunt, but we didn't see her all that often, because I'm pretty sure she lived in the states) died on Monday night, and people are, as you might expect, trying to contact Mom about it. Uncle John called on Tuesday night, and left a message saying he knew Mom and Dad were away in London, but he wanted to let them know anyway, and then Aunt Marie leaves not one, but two messages to the same effect, and then emailed both Naomi and I this morning asking why she hadn't heard back from Mom yet. Because they're in another city? Somebody died, yes, but as callous as it may be, life goes on. I sent a reply to explain what was going on though, and then received one from her asking the bleeding obvious (to pass the message along when they get home, even though all three messages are still on the answering machine, and Naomi will probably let them know with her cell phone when she wakes up), so it seems more likely that she's still distraught.

As for things that don't directly concern other people, well, the first that comes to mind concerns the zoo. Even though I renewed my membership on Monday the 7th, I received a letter in the mail yesterday saying "We still haven't heard from you!" I sent an email to the address given on the site asking if I should be concerned, and then, nearly ten hours later, finally got around to perusing the actual letter. Turns out there's a specific membership email address, and not just the tzwebmaster one given on the website, and, more interestingly, things about membership that I didn't notice before. For one, it seems that if one opts for the two-year membership, you absolutely have to pay for parking for those two years too. That seems kind of absurd, but then the second, which is even moreso in a way, is that in addition to the membership options given on the website, there's also one in the letter for lifetime membership. How much does it cost, you might ask? A very reasonable $5,000. Yeah. The best part? According to the chart of membership perks, lifetime members are given the exact same privileges as everybody else. No more, no less. You'd think that for $5,000, they could at least include an animal adoption package, or give a more substantial discount in the gift shops, or something. Maybe not having to renew could be seen as a perk, but for that much money, they need to include at least one unique incentive.

Otherwise though, I'm now going to go debate whether or not I want to have toast for breakfast, then maybe play Avernum 4 a little more. I finally figured out yesterday that by setting Windows 7's taskbar to auto-hide, and running VirtualBox in scale mode, the game runs properly, so now I only once again have to worry that I'll spend all of my free time on that, and not enough on other things. My room could certainly use a cleaning though, so if I get home in time, I might do that instead of sitting right down to relax again. Avernum 4 first though~

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