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I Want This to Work

Only kind of, to be fair, but there just has to be a way to get Tomb Raider 4 working on my laptop. Avernum 4 (numbers being purely a coincidence) is still fun, but also monotonous, and at work last night, the other game came to mind as something I might stand a better chance of being able to get running now. I do very much remember playing it before though. That was back when Josh came over on a regular basis, and we'd spend entire nights with him playing games on whichever console he brought over, and me trying to perfect a particular jump or make it past some other part on the computer (I remember a minotaur...), along with the most amazing guide for the game... The person who wrote it took several diversions throughout the course of the thing to comment about how some other game that was just coming out would suck, because one of the anti-piracy features was to disable the game's audio if it wasn't being played on the original console, and other things like that. Thinking back now, I can't help but look on those times with such a fondness, but all the same, can't pick out any specific, definite memory. It's all a haze. I know that happened, because I remember it happening, but it seems completely isolated from normal memory.

Unfortunately, getting the game to work in VirtualBox was proving unsuccessful, and when I tried mounting the CD image in Windows 7, the actual installer for the game wouldn't launch, so I've found a couple other torrents which might be more successful, but haven't so much as started downloading yet, so it remains to be seen if I'll be able to have another go when I get home from work. If it does, then I can play something different, which will be fun, and if it doesn't, I'll have another go, and will hopefully be able to use the time in between to talk to Xion. I received a message from him in Instantbird yesterday saying he felt bad for taking advantage of me, and wanted to know how much I wanted to consider debts from the beginning of this month repaid. I told him $10, or a new bag of bacon-wrapped chicken would be fine, which he agreed to, adding that he also wanted to pay me back for the fries from Arbys, and then I said something of my own, being that I felt bad myself about some of the things I said in the email I sent. Thus, I would like a chance to go back over those, and hopefully smooth them out, but he was offline by the time I got home from work, so I did at least ask what the TV series he wanted me to look for was, to which he responded, saying that he couldn't remember either, and as of now, he's still offline. Maybe it's for the best though, because I could just as easily get in over my head by trying to re-state things.

Other than that, work last night was particularly busy, so I feel it's within reasont to expect the same tonight, but you know what? That's fine, because I have tomorrow off, and thus can do whatever I want when I get home tonight. Well, whatever, within reason. One of the things that's had me out of sorts recently is money. My checking account balance is currently a couple dollars over $300, and I absolutely refuse to see it drop below that before we get paid. I also refuse to transfer any money from my savings account to buy or pay for anything, meaning that I have $15, which needs to last until Thursday. Reasons for money not being where I want it to be are about the same as stated in my previous entry - buying too many things online, just on a whim, not to mention eating out too often, so regarding the former, I may just need to make a conscious effort to stop that. Tell myself that if the item(s) I want to look for are not things I would buy in person in a physical store, given the opportunity, I should put such desires to have that / them out of my mind. As for eating out, I seem to keep coming back to this, but I need to stop planning such trips. What should happen is that I plan to make food at home throughout the week, and go out on occasion as a special treat. To have it figured out a week in advance that because I work this night and have the day off afterward, I'll go for snacks on the way home takes all the surprise and fun out of it. The only good thing regarding money is that when I went to Heart and Stroke on Thursday, Michele was still out running some errands, so I sat down in the middle for a bit, quickly coming to the conclusion that I shouldn't waste my time, and would go out to Money Mart to put $60 on my card to pay for the internet. If Michele got back while I was out, one of the other people there could give her my message that I'd be back. I still made it back before she did, though, and, fortunately, the money put on my Visa ($63 altogether) didn't quite put me below $300. The ~$30 I spent on supper from Pizza Tonite would've, had I not transferred that from my savings account, but that's just another reason I want to get this under control again. Oh, and overeating, too. Yesterday, I had toast before I went to work, and a Pepsi when I got home. Today, I had cereal when I woke up, toast shortly thereafter, and intend to make garlic bread, this time with bacon bits sprinkled over top, if I still feel like doing that when I get home. It is kind of over-eating, in that both yesterday and today were meant to even out eating about two days worth of food on Thursday, but that's where feeling like it comes in. If I manage to talk myself out of it at work, I'll save that for tomorrow, and just have a Pepsi after work. I need to get ready to head out there right now though, so for the record, I go only hoping that I can be more indifferent to the level of busyness tonight. I wasn't yesterday, and that made things distinctly worse than they could've been, but at least I know what to change this time~

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