Karadur Inacu  (karadur) wrote,
Karadur Inacu 

I Can't Think Today

I blame this current instance of writer's block on having done very little but watching episodes of Fringe since I woke up. And I woke up just before noon, so I've been sitting here doing that for about five and a half hours. They're getting interesting again, because instead of trying to start from the beginning of the series, I started from the beginning of season 4, but while I may still have six or seven episodes left to watch, I intend to see no more until I get home from work, because I'm also not eating anything so that I may go to 7-11 on the way home. Technically that is planning for it, yes, but so be it. I could always start trying to talk myself into having more garlic bread with bacon bits, because that was surprisingly good when I made it last night, but just don't know. I could save it (7-11) for after work on Wednesday, but having to go to Heart and Stroke on Thursday would make that less enjoyable. We'll see though.

At any rate, what - should I be able to describe it - has me to distracted today? Several things, I think. One is simply being overwhelmed by a conversation Dan and I had yesterday (it wasn't bad, but I think my capacity for critical thought may be at its limit, which would in turn inhibit anything requiring it now), while another is really wishing it was Thursday, because I don't want to start backup-related tasks until the beginning of next month, and it's not easy to wait. A third possibility would be that I now have too many games to play, but I think the most significant is the first, so that's what I'll focus on here. Well, first, another distraction is plans for August, and where they stand. Until this morning, I really wanted to ask Dan if things had come together any more than last time I asked. Instead of jumping right to that though, I searched Google for "islington furmeet 9", found a page about it on his forum, and read all the comments, coming to the conclusion that most people seem to favor it being held on the 4th of August (a Saturday, once again), and that Dan doesn't want to see it pushed back any further, because he also has plans to go up to his friend's cottage, as well as to go camping for later that month. Upon seeing that, I sent him a message in Instantbird, leading to a conversation in which that discussion ended with him saying he should be able to figure out how long he'd be gone for by June. If he does, and he won't be leaving until, say, the 12th, then the plans that I want to see put together may still be feasible, but then there's the issue of the furmeet. Dan just said he's considering pushing it back a week (to the 11th), and although I previously stated that I would only go down to the party from time to time to see what was going on, I would still like to be there to make cookies and other treats for it. That, or completely exclude plans regarding the furmeet altogether, and focus exclusively on another trip to Wonderland, the zoo, and so on. It's hard to say just yet.

I believe I'm going to actually leave this here for today though, because I am now talking to Dan again, this time about the date for the furmeet, upon other things, and that is, as before, quite distracting. Hopefully work won't be too busy tonight, because I'm tired of closes where I have to wash dishes for at least an hour at the end of the night (there have been at least four now), but if I get my hopes up for that, it's going to be just that much more annoying if we are there late again. Therefore, I just hope work goes well. Saturday night did, in spite of the circumstances, but with Cheryl on again, things might go differently~

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