Karadur Inacu  (karadur) wrote,
Karadur Inacu 

Feels Like A Waste

I need to put this to better use or something. Through absolutely no action or wish of my own, I just can't sleep in lately. I go to bed anywhere from 4 to 6am, then around 11 or 12, wake up feeling refreshed and ready to go, and get on with the day. This morning is exempt, because I slept until ~1:30, but still woke up at about quarter to 12, and felt that I just might be able to get up, before I remembered that I wanted to try sleeping in, and did. If this is going to continue, then hell, I might as well offer to help out at Heart and Stroke on Friday, if not Monday and Tuesday as well. It beats sitting here feeling like I should be doing something more, in today's case because I was at this time for the past two days, but not only does this feel like the sort of thing that will change back on its own eventually, there's also a good chance Michele won't have space for another volunteer on Friday, and I refuse to be stuck at the computer way at the back. That environment is too bleak and closed-in.

At any rate, there is something of more interest to be mentioned today. This comment in the thread about the next furmeet</a>. It's not surprising that Dan chose to go with the 4th (using the same weighted values as before (Elezia and Daeryn's most recent comments not counted, because their votes didn't change), the score for August 11th was -1.5, while the score for August 4th was 4.5), but where does that leave me? At the moment, with only 45 minutes to go before I leave for work, because Mary's shift is done at 7, and I want to go there early to ask for time off. If all goes well with that, I will have the 1st through to 11th of August free, with the next step being to get a train ticket, but should she resist, I will first try to push the departure date up to the 2nd (Thursday), and if she still doesn't approve, start taking days away at the end, to an absolute minimum of leaving on Wednesday. So for now, I've asked for a ride to work at 6:30, so I can go there, make my request, go out to EB Games, put a preorder deposit of $20 on a copy of Theatrhythm Final Fantasy, head back to work, and play games on my PSP for a bit before going inside. I'm obviously hoping for approval from Mary, but when I brought it up at the staff meeting before, she didn't give any indication that she would be less accomodating than Melissa.

Unfortunately, pretty much anything had to say has since been clouded over by thoughts of things to come. I did all of my cleaning and backing up of things last night, and it's nice to have it all in order again, then discovered Project DIVA PC, which is quite needless to say another game I want to keep, but I really don't know what else to talk about, and I don't want this month to end up being like May, where I just don't write anything if I can't think of anything to say. In this case, I can't think of anything to say because there are other, more exciting things on my mind. That's fair, so I'll go find something that doesn't require input to busy myself with for the remaining ~50 minutes. Avernum 4 should work, because last time I played it, I was working on finishing quests again. I think I'm just about at the point where I could go finish the game (improperly), but I did that the last time I played through it, and the end was decidedly unsatisfying. This time, I will find a way to get rid of the shades, and the first step to that is completing a quest. It all comes together rather nicely~

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