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It seems somewhat suspect that such a list doesn't exist already, but through unwittingly rushing ahead and rendering a quest in Avernum 4 impossible to complete, I had to find a list of the game's special (non-inventory) items. Searching Google for "avernum 4 special items list" didn't seem to turn up what I was after, and upon a cursory search of av4itemschars.txt for the same list in there, couldn't find what I was looking for either. Then, as the next logical step, I looked inside Avernum 4.exe with Reshacker. String tables #94 to #98 are item values and names, and, #101 to #104 are descriptions. All of the game's quests are in there too, but I don't want to try to include those without first sorting out which flags correspond to which quests, because as it is now, I have the values needed to close any quest in the game, but can't set the quest-specific flag to say that they're closed, so they'll still be open to the relevant character(s), and that would be untidy. Getting back to quest items though, I present the following list, and a short tutorial on how to use it:

[ Avernum 4 Special Items List ]

1] Copy of Scrolls
Lark, a mage in Fort Monastery, has some ancient scrolls she would like translated. This paper is a copy of some of the writing on one of the scrolls.

2] Philip's Ring
This silver ring is old and tarnished, and looks like it might have been brought down from the surface long ago. It doesn't look like it's worth all the trouble it has caused.

3] Philip's Letter
This is a letter from Philip to his family, who live near Mertis. It says that you helped him, and that they should reward you.

4] Carved Crystal Spiral
This is a green crystal spiral, about eight inches long. Someone carved it with great skill and care. A small piece has broken from its base.

5] Letter to Giscard
This is a letter of introduction to someone named Giscard. It identifies you as an adventurer looking for work. Giscard is described as living not far west of Formello.

6] Orders For Formello
You received these official-looking papers in Fort Draco. Supposedly, if you present them at the gates of Formello, they will gain you entry.

7] Letter From Formello
You received these official-looking papers in Formello, along with orders to go to the Castle. They authorize you to pass any checkpoints or barred gates along the way.

8] Broken Tablets
You found these pieces of clay in the lair of Motrax. They have writing on them. The words look like they were etched with a crude stylus. The writing is very dense, and you can't understand it.

9] Filthy Sash
This is the sash of a mayor of Avernum. You recovered it from some undead, who soiled it thoroughly.

10] Experimental Egg
X, an archmage of the Tower Colony, gave you this egg. Apparently, the creature inside needs to be tested. You are to take the egg to the Testing Grounds, north of the colony.

11] Accounts Ledger
This is an old accounts ledger, from the month of Suntime, eight years back.

12] Torn, Filthy Map
You found this filthy, torn up map in an inn in the Great Cave. You don't recognize the location on the map, and the landmarks are unlabeled."

14] Odd Bandit Map
You found this map in a bandit hideout. You don't recognize the location on the map, and the landmarks are unlabeled. You suspect that this map, like the previous one, is encoded in some way.

15] Blosk Maps
This bundle of maps was left behind in Blosk when the city was abandoned.

17] Bargha Key
This silver key will give you access to the heavily defended tunnels under Bargha.

18] Darkside Key
You got this key off of the corpse of Khester, an agent of the Darkside Loyalists.

19] Crystal Key
This crystal key has a strange, curved shape. It is very intricate work, enough to make you suspect that it was made by a vahnatai.

20] Nephil Key
A nephil named Mrrah gave you this key, to help you reach Fort Draco.

21] Giscard's Key
You received this key from a wealthy businessman named Giscard, who lives near Formello. It will let you into his warehouse, to the north of his home.

22] Bronze Bandit Key
You found this tarnished bronze key in a bandit lair in the Eastern Gallery.

23] Iron Bandit Key
You found this rusty iron key in a bandit lair in the Eastern Gallery.

24] Silver Sewer Key
This copper key will get you into the sewers under the city of Silvar.

25] Athron Key
This old, tarnished iron key will enable you to enter the abandoned lair of the dragon Athron.

26] Tower Amber Key
This beautiful key, carved from a single piece of amber, unlocks some doors in Patrick's Tower.

27] Tower Onyx Key
This beautiful key, carved from a single piece of onyx, unlocks some doors in Patrick's Tower.

28] Almaria Key
You found this unimpressive metal key in Almaria.

29] Giant Key
This iron key is like the giants you stole it from: bent, lumpy, and overlarge.

30] Onyx Scepter
This is a beautiful scepter, a little over a foot long, carved from a single piece of onyx. Though it looks like a quaint, somewhat outdated magical artifact, it can supposedly disrupt the healing field of a shade.

31] Green Shade Crystal
This is a long, sharp shard of green crystal. It is all that is left of the shade in Almaria. Touching it makes you feel paranoid.

32] Blue Shade Crystal
This is a long, sharp shard of blue crystal. It is all that is left of the shade in the northern cities. Touching it makes you feel afraid for no reason.

33] Red Shade Crystal
This is a long, sharp shard of red crystal. It is all that is left of the shade in the southwestern cities. Touching it makes you strangely, irrationally angry.

34] Blue Crystal Shard
This is a long, slender shard of blue crystal. It does not currently seem to have any special properties.

35] Whispering Shard
This long, slender, blue crystal shard has a dim, flickering light inside. If you hold it to your ear, you can hear it faintly whispering. You can't understand what it says, though.

36] Crystal Box
This is a small crystal box, about a foot wide and six inches tall and deep. It is sealed with a wax seal, covered with protective runes. Although the seal looks delicate, it easily defies all of your attempts to break it.

37] Empty Crystal Vial
You received this crystal vial from Correlea. You are supposed to find the shade in Dharmon or Blosk, chop off a bit of the creature, and put it inside.

38] Shade Essence
You received this crystal vial from Correlea. It contains a fragment of the shade that infests Dharmon and Blosk.

39] Cracked Crystal Rod
This is a crystal rod, about a foot long. You found it in a laboratory in Rentar-Ihrno's fortress. A single crack runs down its entire length.

40] Mottled Bat Wing
You are collecting these gruesome trophies for a mission received from a Job Board in Fort Monastery.

41] Packet of Seeds
You found these seeds under an abandoned farmhouse south of Fort Draco.

42] Rat Tail
This gruesome object was removed from a rat near Formello.

43] Marsh Worm Fang
This tooth was once inside the mouth of a marsh worm.

44] Grob's Lucky Axe
This is a woodsman's axe, large and sturdy. The word 'GROB' has been carved into the handle.

45] Grob's Lucky Saw
This is a long, wickedly-sharp woodsman's saw, only slightly touched with rust. The word 'GROB' has been scratched into the side.

46] Rudder Schematic
You stole (or, optimistically, borrowed) this rudder schematic from the boatworks of Silvar.

47] Goblin Necklace
You found this string of bones and pretty stones on a goblin in the Eastern Gallery.

48] Cauldron Dust
This dust is all that remains of one of the nasty undead near Mertis.

49] Fungal Polyp
You dug this nasty thing out of some fungus in the Almaria orchards.

50] Wyrmkin Tail
This tail once belonged to a wyrmkin. Now it's yours.

59] Null Item
null item

Got all that? Now, find an item that you need, or want to have added to your special items, and make a note of its number. Next, open the dialog script for the town where the character you want to get the item from is located. We'll use Captain Matos in Fort Monastery, since he's accessible from almost the beginning of the game. Thus, open z60monasterdlg.txt, and search for // captain matos. Next, find a talk node for a conversation option that is accessible throughout the game. We'll go with number 62 - "Tell me more about Fort Monastery". Down underneath the last line of that node, add the following:

code =

Replace x with the number corresponding to the item you need, and y with the desired quantity of that item. So for example, as I needed ten cauldron dust, my code read set_spec_item(48,10);. That's all there is to it.

Item list aside, I've done it again. Woke up just before noon today, and yet I find myself here now, with not quite enough time to finish writing this entry. Work went pretty well yesterday though - Mary approved my request for time off without a moment's hesitation, and I started an hour early, because it was busy - so I'm hoping for the same tonight, then would have only a day shift to worry about tomorrow, before two days off, but Monday's schedule was reworked a couple days ago, ultimately leading to me having a 5-10 shift then, which is fine, because I still get Tuesday and Thursday off, with a single shift between the two, as usual. There are other things that bear mentioning too, but I'd rather save those for a better time, as I need to be off quite soon. Maybe I'll get to them after work tonight, but chances are I'll play Avernum 4 some more instead. Whatever the case, I'll just do what I like when I get home, and hope for another good night in the meantime. That's the best way to go about it~

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