Karadur Inacu  (karadur) wrote,
Karadur Inacu 

Spoiling it for Everybody

Until I got home and read the whole email George sent me last night, I thought no longer being scheduled to close on Sunday might have been up to chance, but now I know better, and am kind of annoyed for it. One of two people with the same name there has apparently been complaining that they don't feel they're getting enough hours, so in retaliation, Mary is cutting everybody to sixteen a week, and directing any questions and concerns to that person, presumably with the expected outcome of us all ganging up on them. Really though? If what George said is right (and he heard it from Brandon), said person was previously getting about 30 hours every two weeks, which is fairly substantial, and now we've all gone down to one hour over half that amount because they were complaining? For the record, I think I still have more than sixteen hours a week (8 to close (~4am) on Friday and Saturday is sixteen, plus at least one three to five hour supper shift, and another ~6 hour close on Wednesday, leading to anywhere from twenty-five to twenty-seven hours total), but I just asked for time off in August on Friday. I intend to go to Toronto again, and will take money from my savings account for expenses if I absolutely must, but the money in there is supposed to be saved and added to. Not spent. That said, I also just need to wait and see what happens. Maybe things will be back to normal on the next schedule, but if not, I'll ask Mary what her intentions are then.

Outside of work though, I'm not sure how to describe things here. Talking with Dan has finally reached a point where he said that... "I think I understand how you're feeling better. Maybe not exactly, but I have a much better idea than I did before.", and I was glad to hear that at first, but in the time since, I've begun to pick it apart again. I don't think I've been focusing specifically on feelings when talking to him. I've been focusing on how things come together in my mind, because that's where the best chance of changing something to a positive effect lies. He, however, seems to have taken my emails a different way, by saying "You have very strong feelings over it. It’s not always what’s intended by the video, but that’s what it means to you", in particular. I know the movies and other things aren't intended to be perceived the way I see them, Dan. If you're just going to take what I said and make a generalized statement telling me why I feel the way I do, apparently completely ignoring my explanations before though, then hell, I might as well go back to being on my own. Not as a threat, but as a simple matter of that I don't have the patience for / interest in being diminished like that. At the same time though, I feel that maybe it's just my mood right now. I previously said that I wouldn't try to explain these things to anyone anymore, because doing so led to problems, and sure enough, that's exactly what has happened here, so instead of forcing him to accept and respect how I feel, I should just keep it to myself. Some things are a little more clear to me than they were before, but overall, it's not worth the repeated anger and stress every time I think of something else to say, and he shoots it down. I've even just closed Instantbird, and it will remain closed at least until I get home from work, because I don't want to have to deal with this right now. Maybe what I'll do is write a pointed, angry email in FutureMail when I get home tonight, so I can have said what's on my mind, and delete it before the week is up, should I manage to quell this irritation.

It's time I was off to work though. Should be a short shift, but Laura already asked last night if I would be willing to stay later to help them get caught up, if it ended up being busy. I saw no reason to specifically say no then, but it depends on the night. If nothing else, I work only three hours, and have much more of the night than I normally would after a supper shift. I'm fine with that~

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