Karadur Inacu  (karadur) wrote,
Karadur Inacu 

Waiting on Many Things

I rather enjoy afternoons / nights like this. Leaving a bunch of stuff downloading, and be expecting a couple other things, so there can be much to check on after work. In today's case, a majority of those things are for Brandon - not me - yes, but the same still applies. I came to the conclusion just earlier that aside from the shows we both want episodes of, everything for him will be ended as of July 1st. Most of what he wants is at the end of their current seasons anyway, so it's more tidy to do it like that. Unfortunately, I nearly forgot about a couple additional things he requested last week, but I think I have most of them going now. That way, come the end of this month, I can pack up that laptop and be done with things. Downloading for George will still continue, assuming he wants me to, and I can have that corner of my room back for... whatever else. I'm really not sure what else I would put there, but I could probably find something. Now I can't think of anything else to say, for trying to imagine what wouldn't look out-of-place. Maybe just the empty table...

At any rate, I once again find myself in a position of having lots to talk about, but nothing to say. I started preliminary work on a character editor for Avernum 5 last night, focusing on quests first, but couldn't figure it out, until now, and even then, I have only a suspicion just yet. My script checked the flag associated with the first quest in the game (the flag was 99, 5, and the name of the quest was "Get Out of Basement."), and was supposed to offer one of two dialog choices dependent on the value assigned to that flag, but that's where my logic went out the window. Not only did I go in with the assumption that it would be possible to reactivate completed quests in that game, when that wasn't possible in Avernum 6, I also assumed there were only two possible values for the flag associated with each quest. A value of 0 meant it was active, and a value of anything other than that meant it was inactive. Upon closer inspection of the game's scripts, however, I'm confused. It looks like there aren't actually any flags that specifically correspond to the status of a quest, but rather each flag with a value affected by taking on / completing a quest is a numerical representation of your interaction with that character. Simply put, I think it would be better if I took a step back to something less involved, like giving items. Then, once I figure that out, get back to quests, but focus only on those which are open, so just in case the NPC is killed, the quest can still be completed, and the reward gained. It's a shame there isn't a quest_status(); command though. That would make it easier.

Confusing things aside though, I think I might have a long night in store for me, entirely because of things done yesterday. Going to 7-11 wasn't necessary, for one, but I'm back to just toast and Pepsi / water for the weekend, to balance that out. Waking up early to go to Heart and Stroke has me more tired than normal for two (I still wake up earlier than normal, but it's not always just before noon anymore), and for three, related to number two, I went to bed at about 4:30am, and slept until ~1. I wouldn't count it as a really good sleep, because I kept waking up in a minor panic over a couple dreams I was having (one involved my room being flooded with a couple inches of water, and the other had some woman standing at my door telling me I had overslept for something important, and that I needed to get up and stop being lazy - I woke up and checked the time, and it was about 10am...), and yeah. I'm clearly not doing myself any favors by going to bed early, but I think I can deal with strange dreams. It's nice to do something different every now and then~

Otherwise, I want to find something else to do with this last hour. Getting going with character editor iteration 2 would be easiest at the moment, so I'll start with that. The first thing to figure out? How will I categorize items? There are lots to sort through...

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