Karadur Inacu  (karadur) wrote,
Karadur Inacu 

I Do But I Don't...

This is where trying to distinguish between the two becomes difficult. I still hold to that I take most things seriously. I may - after being exposed to a stimulus for a certain amount of time - know what to expect from it, and as such be able to overlook things that would get to me normally, but there are also other circumstances involving things that I should by all rights take seriously, but don't, for reasons that are as yet hard to describe. To give a new example of the latter, I looked up proper information for an MP3 that was on my desktop last night. The name of it (in English) was "The Disappearance of Hatsune Miku". One of the things I needed was cover art, and searching Google Images for that led me to this site, which provided more information about the song. I know it's not right of me to like it less than I did before because of that, but I do. To look at this from the other side of the scale, however, consider the exchange Brandon and I had last night. I sent him a complete overview of where his downloading stood, and at the end, added a note saying in no uncertain terms that episodes of Manswers were as sorted out as they were going to get, because I found a fair few of the filenames objectionable, and thus had no interest in watching each one to figure out which season, and therein which episode folder it was supposed to go in. How did he reply? By apologizing for "introducing those things to [my] mind and laptop". Indeed. The reply I sent him after that said, among other things, that he didn't need to apologize, because frankly, I don't care. I think the show sounds pretty crude and obnoxious, but as far as I'm concerned, it doesn't affect me in any way, because I only downloaded it for him, and even at that, my opinion is irrelevant. Are the names distasteful? Yes, to an extent, but if everybody felt the way I did, the show wouldn't have run for four seasons.

In any case, incidental episodes of Mythbusters aside, everything for him should be finished as of next Sunday night / Monday morning. He seems to have not seen my statement that I still want to wait until late July to give him one final update, but maybe I'll just fully call it done like I was thinking of before - the end of June will be it for him. Getting away from downloading now though, I don't think there's a whole lot else to say yet today. I'm hoping for no technical difficulties while I'm away at work (my laptop shut down for absolutely no reason earlier, then the internet disconnected twice), but what would be nice is some rain. I got to bed around 5:30, and by that time, the sun had already started to come up, and the sky was all red and different-looking. There is indeed rain forecast for this evening through to tomorrow morning, so that would be nice. Nicer still would be if it was Tuesday, so I could go talk to Mary about the possibility of changing my time off, but I can do that tomorrow, should nothing else come up. Could pick up my pay stub too, but I feel it's pretty much all spoken for already, what with Father's Day being next week. I do have to work on Sunday, but wouldn't be surprised if Mom suggests taking him out for supper on Monday instead. I'm off to find some breakfast though. There really isn't much else to say just now, and ~20 minutes should be just enough time to make and eat some toast~

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