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So Yeah...

Who wants a much used slightly broken PSP? Went out and bought a new one from Zellers, as planned, and it is a TA-086, but I'm in the process of getting it set up to downgrade right now. ... and done. Well, getting it downgraded to 1.50 at least. Now to upgrade to 3.03 OE-C. Aren't all these firmware versions confusing? :3

So, work tonight. I'm pretty sure it's me, Glenda, and Steve, so hopefully things die down for a least an hour, because on top of everything that we normally have to do, I'd like to get the walk-in rotated. See... the order doesn't come until tomorrow night. I don't work then, and I'd rather not get called in. Especially seeing as it's only Glenda and Josh closing :p Hell though. If they call, I'll probably just tell them I'm still not feeling well or something.

I'm still not entirely, but the pain in my shoulder is gone, so the only remaining problem is that I have to go to the bathroom alot :s As for what went on last night, I think it was Adam that was 'sick, cause he's been in bed all afternoon now. Bed does sound nice. Went to sleep around 4, and stayed that way for what felt like at least two hours, but when I woke up, it was only quarter after 5. Ended up sleeping 'till about 12:30, but I'm still tired :\

Anyways, Mom's sick as well apparently. Dad hasn't been so far yet, but Lord knows he we've all had some time :3

And yeah. It's 8:00 now, and I still need to put Devhook on Adam's PSP (for some reason only the Loco Roco ISO shows up in the "Memory Stick" menu), so I might as post this then do that :p

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