Karadur Inacu  (karadur) wrote,
Karadur Inacu 

A Moment of Spotty Access...

Perhaps not quite a moment, but it's strange how I can be unable to access this site for most of the afternoon, then get something to work with it in Google Chrome, and suddenly find it working in Palemoon again as well. Maybe uTorrent is to blame, because I have downloaded a fair bit since yesterday evening, but everything appears to be working again, so I won't dwell on it for too long. Instead...

I was able to get my very first laptop working again, for one. Turns out I had forgotten to reconnect the keyboard the first time I took it apart, and even now, it doesn't always turn straight on, but the simple fact is that it works. It's tucked away in my closet again now, but it was interesting poking around again on there for a little bit. If and when this laptop stops working, I'd like to get one with a larger screen again. I don't necessarily miss 1440×900, but the extra space is nice. Alas, for now, I'm left with 1366×768, and the ability to put that old one to use, should I ever need it for anything. I don't forsee it though, aside from taking some of the files off. There are things left from torrents on there that I haven't re-downloaded, and with only 120GB total space on the hard drive, keeping unnecessary things clear would be best. Not right now though. That one's working, this one's working, the other laptop that I bought between the two which is currently being used to download torrents is working, and will be packed up once I give Brandon the rest of everything that I've downloaded for him, and the other two (one is a netbook, to be technical) are also tucked up in my closet, still in working order, but are not currently needed. Yeah. How did I come to have five of these things?

...oh right. I did just say everything was working again, didn't I? Everything was going as normal, then suddenly the screen turned off, but the laptop itself remained on. I've found a couple ideas to try to correct the problem, but this bodes well, doesn't it? Here's hoping one of them works...

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