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Due Cause for Concern?

Probably not, but I think it still in my interests to be more alert of Cheryl when I go to work tonight anyway. Among other things that came up last night after she left, Laura mentioned that she's apparently been complaining about me behind my back, saying in one case that I was standing at the back not doing anything instead of washing dishes, and in another, cleaned the grease trap while we were still open back on Wednesday as a bid to be there longer. Laura also said that Manoah observed that I seemingly had not completed any of my assigned extra cleaning tasks since April, and thus I was subject to a write-up, when I have been completing every single task I have been assigned to do, time permitting, but not signed for it in the book, because I forgot that we had to. Meanwhile, somebody looking at this from my point of view might ask why he couldn't just check for himself to see whether or not those things had been done, and / or suspect that he was joking about the write-up, because he has over other things before. As for Cheryl though, can she not say anything to me? It may have appeared I was standing at the back doing nothing, but on the night in question, the sprayer for the sink had stopped working, so I had to use the hose normally only used to fill the wash sink, and thus couldn't wash any dishes that required any reasonable amount of water pressure to rinse, because the sink was still being filled, and toward the grease trap, if I can get that cleaned out before we close, catch up all the dishes at the end of the night, scrub out all three sinks as per my extra cleaning task, and still be ahead of her, she has nothing to complain about. Don't like how it (the grease trap) smells? Learn to breathe through your mouth, or live with it. I'm not the one who goes out for cigarette breaks twice a shift, and I also can't remember the last time I told her (or anybody) "Hurry up and finish what you're doing. We need to get out of here" / "I want to go home" in a serious manner. I have something else to watch for as well (specifically, books of coupons are meant to be given out after customers have paid for their meals - not to discount their current order), but we'll see what happens with that in a couple hours.

Overall though, I was closer than ever before to saying something to her over several things last night. The main incident began when she and Laura went out to sit down and have a cigarette. They made no mention of it to Tom or I, and sure enough, just as they were going outside, a customer came into the dining room. Tom told Laura, and Laura asked him to take it, so he did, and took several more afterward, having people in drive through in between, and then Cheryl came back in, and in all her audacity, told him he couldn't touch another person's till. Provided that person isn't outside for a break, then yes, that's a fine rule, but for one, you were unavailable. For two, Laura told Tom to take the first order, thereby giving him permission to take any other orders until they came back in. For three, the till wasn't even in her name (it was still on from the person who had been on front cash over supper), and finally, four, you can't say that to one person (Tom, in this case), then observe Laura taking orders on the same till, and not say a word to her. Kindly get your standards straight, Cheryl. It's no secret that you don't like Tom, but all the same, it's not fair that you should go out of your way to tell him he can't do this or that at every possible opportunity. Needless to say it was another... interesting night, but there's even more to consider now, with that rule about having to be out in an hour apparently being back in effect. Under normal circumstances, we can get out in about that amount of time, so fine, I have no issues there, but I have personally worked at least four nights where the only way we could've been done within an hour after closing is to walk out at 2am, leaving everything in exactly the state it was in. According to Laura though, she intends to see that that doesn't apply to her shifts, and I absolutely intend to talk to Mary as soon as possible, both to clear up the things Cheryl has supposedly been saying, and to state my feelings on the time limit. Maybe she'll say the same as Melissa - that there's nothing she can do - but the closers shouldn't be the (only) casualty of her being unable to do anything.

Work-related news aside, there have fortunately been no other laptop-related incidents to report. Well, not of a hardware nature. I sent Dan another email a couple minutes ago, and one to Xion as well immediately after that, asking if he was gone until Sunday too, to him because I would like to try to look at this with somebody uninvolved, and to Dan because I still don't know what I want. As I was going to bed last night, it crossed my mind that I wanted to take a break from going to the furmeet originally, so I shouldn't be pushing to go there in August, and if I didn't want to go for that, and didn't want to do anything with other people on the Sunday and Monday after it, I should write off the 31st to 11th altogether. The same concern as before still applies to the 7th through 18th though - we wouldn't have enough to do. Why not just be done? Because I'm not about to run away from this as well. It's stressful to keep going back and forth, yes, but I know in the back of my mind that Dan won't be home until tomorrow, and even then might not respond to my email(s) until Tuesday, so I need to wait, and curse these people from Ottawa (even though I don't know them) for unintentionally causing such problems. Assuming something still happens in August / we don't stop talking over this, at least Dan will hopefully know that I really don't want to do anything with other people if I can avoid it, or at least not when I'm expected to make the decision. I feel that I would actually respect it more if he told me "I have people coming from far away for the furmeet, and want to invite them to go out to a couple other places on Sunday and Monday. You're welcome to come if you want to, but if you'd rather stay at the apartment, you can do that too", because then I'm making a decision only for myself, instead of for myself and three other people. Instead, though, he wants to do what I want to do, and I want to do what he wants to do. It's very annoying, not to mention taxing. Those concerns will have to wait though, because it just started to rain, and I don't want to walk to work in the rain, so I need to go see about getting a ride. Rain later would be nice though. Another lightning storm would make for a nice walk home~

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