Karadur Inacu  (karadur) wrote,
Karadur Inacu 

Almost Late a Second Time

I don't want to say that I dislike doing this - waiting until nearly midnight to write about things that have happened during the previous day - but there's something to be said for getting on with it when there's more time available, because there are other things I'd rather be doing right now, but don't want to let this go, but every time I look at the clock, I have less time than before, so... I shall not look at the clock until I'm finished this, and just try to mention the important things.

a] I was already asleep at this time last night. I contemplated staying awake in hopes of finding other things to concentrate on, but between being tired and feeling depressed, I laid down at about 11, and slept for a good several hours. I woke up several times between then and ~11am, each time thinking about whether or not I should stay awake for a couple hours, but I didn't, and might have slept longer when I woke up at the aforementioned time, but couldn't, for all the thoughts that were running through my head. A couple hours passed then, and I was worked up almost to the point where I was going to just go back to sleep again, for having still not heard from Dan, but decided that enough was enough, and opened Instantbird. From there, I had a rather terse conversation with him for a bit, to essentially say "I'm upset", but overall now, it feels like we were able to repair things. We did reach a solution - one that's beneficial to both of us, for the record - but I'm not going to say what it is yet, because I kept doing the same sort of thing before, and was wrong every time. Said solution led to me talking to Mary at work earlier though, and after mentioning the things related to this, asked her about the things Laura said Cheryl was complaining to her (Mary) about regarding me. That, however, is a separate point

b] Toward cleaning the grease trap / apparently taking my time with dishes / having to get out in an hour, Mary said that as long as we / I have the time, and want to do that (the grease trap, let's say), I can go right ahead. We are all subject to not being paid past an hour after closing like before, but also like before, the same conditions apply. If she can tell by looking at sales for the night that we were busy, and / or somebody leaves her a note to that effect, which she can corroborate, then yes, we will be paid for the extra time. As she pointed out, she too has worked nights where it would've been impossible to get out within an hour, so she understands. As for the issue before, where I wrote a note of that nature to her (the one that said "It's 2:30 in the morning, and I've just finished the dishes. Please do not penalize us for being here late"), and Cheryl came to me the next day to say that Mary wanted me to never write a note like that again, Mary herself said that unless I hear it from her, I should ignore whatever Cheryl may say. I'm fine with both of those things, because the former leaves it up to me / us (the closers) to keep at our respective tasks to ensure we get out as quickly as possible, and the latter says that I should do what I feel is necessary and / or right, and leave it up to Mary to ask me not to do that again, if she takes it the wrong way. All-around, a nice end to that issue, and it makes me anxious to see what closing with Cheryl tomorrow will be like.

c] I want to buy many things right now. In no particular order, two 2×32GB microSD cards + Memory Stick Pro Duo adapter packages for my PSP, a new audio jack and screen for my non-working PSP slim, and more RAM and a larger hard drive for my laptop. Yeah. The last one would be practical if I could find a highly-rated drive in my price range, and more RAM would be better, but not in an immediately obvious way. As for the others, I don't need more storage for my PSP just yet, but that doesn't stop me from wanting them.

Otherwise, I have less than a minute to end this, so here we are. Might as well go further consider the above purchases, and write another entry later if I do buy any of them~

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