Karadur Inacu  (karadur) wrote,
Karadur Inacu 

I Can't Get Lucky Forever

Another day, another set of laptop repairs. That seems to be the overwhelming theme lately, and today was no exception, as indicated by the title of this entry. About an hour before I went to Heart and Stroke, the screen turned off again. I did... something specific to the laptop just before that happened though, so at the moment, I'm inclined to believe I was approaching the issue I was having the wrong way. I didn't have time to take it apart then though, so I went to Heart and Stroke, told Michele I would only be there until 4, did some work, then came home, and set about trying to find a way to remove the motherboard, to see if anything was out of place on the other side of it. That ultimately led to the three USB ports on the right side of the laptop not working after I put it back together, so I took it apart again, hoping that I just hadn't securely closed the connector or something. Everything is working as it should again now, and for the better, because I eventually got really worked up last night over finding all those things I wanted to buy, but knowing at the back of my mind that I didn't actually need a single one of them. It would be nice to go on a shopping spree like that, but I cannot afford it. All I want right now is to be happy with what I have, and to not have any hardware-based problems for at least a week. From now until the end of the night, I would like to go to work and deal with whatever comes there, make my way back home without stopping anywhere for snacks, maybe make some garlic bread for supper, and then just relax. Brandon said he would bring his external drive in tonight, so if he remembers that, I'll copy everything over for him then pack that laptop away, and if he doesn't, oh, just figure out what to do then. I have some ideas in mind, but it all depends on what I feel like doing when I actually sit down. I have ideas, but that is all I will say for now.

Outside of those things though, I was frustrated at nearly everybody here earlier. Back when planning first started, it was decided that we would go out for supper for Father's Day on Monday or Tuesday. When Dad got wind of what was being planned, though, he said he would prefer not to go out, because he didn't feel up to it. It's his choice, so that's quite fine, and Mom said that we could have a turkey dinner instead, because it would be less expensive than going out. The way she came off when presenting that idea made it sound like she would pay for the turkey / other related things, and Adam and I would buy the ice cream cake, but back on Sunday or Monday, she said she was going out to get the turkey, and asked me for money. Apparently they're more expensive than I assumed, and I realize they may very well be, but the way she went about it wasn't appreciated (expecting money out of the blue, essentially), nor was her assurance that the ice cream cake was only about $20. She actually said she knew that it wouldn't be too expensive, and acknowledged that Adam and I would be paying for it. I eventually relented and gave her $20, only to learn from Naomi the following day that we were no longer having turkey, and instead, supper would be those bacon-wrapped pieces of chicken. Upset, I asked Mom what was going on, and she told me that she'd tried phoning around to several places, but none of them had any turkeys. I asked where that left my $20 then, and she didn't respond. Continuing on, yesterday evening, Mom came to me asking if I was ready to go out to Dairy Queen to get the cake, as if she was paying for part of it, which was wrong on its own, and made only worse by Adam apparently forgetting that he had agreed to give some money for it. In the end, all three of us went, but I put $20 toward it, and he gave $7 (it was $26.99 with tax), which would still be annoying, had Mom not given me $10 to offset the cost to me. Finally, when I came home from Heart and Stroke today, I quite clearly and deliberately asked her what time we would be eating tomorrow, because I'm going to Heart and Stroke then as well, making sometime after 5 ideal. She said that would be perfect, then went and threw that all askew by announcing that we were having the Father's Day supper tonight, because "everybody" wanted to have it then, when I went downstairs to find a snack (toast). Nobody asked me, so I declined to eat with them, even though it was almost ready right then, but did ask for some of the ice cream cake to be saved. The next time I went downstairs after that, she told me that everybody had decided to save the cake for tomorrow. I am fed up with all of this. The final outcome (plans for the cake) does work to my benefit, because I have tomorrow off, but really, everybody? Come up with ideas on your own next time, and do try to not constantly change your mind, yes? Maybe the problem lies with me, for being inflexible, but the line must be drawn somewhere.

Other things aside, it's time to leave for work. Hopefully still a good night, assuming Cheryl got wind of me talking to Mary about the complaints made about me, but one shift is one shift, and even if it is busy / Cheryl is cross with me, I'll be more anxious about whether or not my laptop is still in working order when I get home. It is for now, so... here's hoping~

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