Karadur Inacu  (karadur) wrote,
Karadur Inacu 

This Has to Stop

Work last night? We were there until 3:30am, from my point of view because of all the dishes, and from Cheryl's, well... I don't know exactly how the time was divided for her, because the only time I left the back was to put dishes away. This on top of having just gone there on Tuesday to ask Mary about the one hour rule being back in effect, and oh, she actually called this morning and left a message asking that I call her back when I woke up, because she needed to know what had happened, and contrary to what Cheryl said before we left, no phone calls to explain why we were there so long were made. When I called her this morning, she did emphasize that she wasn't blaming me, but couldn't see how several major pieces of equipment up at the front were left so dirty, and why very little prep was done (possibly even none at all), and needed to figure out what was going on, because as the evidence made it look, Cheryl spent two and a half hours doing "nothing". I don't know about the cleaning (the drive through area was cleaned and organized to the same extent I normally clean and organize it, at least), but did ask Cheryl while we were outside taking the cardboard and garbage out how the prep was, figuring that with everything else being behind at the beginning of the night (for us), prep would likely be too. Her answer? Not an exact quote, but "I don't know, and I don't care", shortly followed by "I'm about to tell them to take their shift leader position and shove it". For all of that, I am glad to have tonight off. I thought for a bit about not going to Heart and Stroke today as well, considering I didn't get home until 4:00, but I did, and got two envelopes of work done, which I feel was a good use of the afternoon. I'm waiting for more dishes to wash right now, then have Brandon's external drive to drop off sometime after that, and once those things are taken care of, the rest of the night. I have some new PSP games to try (all are in the rhythm genre to some degree), and other things I could spend my time on. I did tell Brandon that I might be willing to be called in to wash dishes if there were a bunch again tonight, but for that, I will have to wait and see.

Outside of that though, there is some other thing I was considering talking to Dan about, that is directly related to a slight concern from back in May. I was listening to music on my laptop with my external speakers while I was baking cookies, and noticed Dan fussing around behind the TV, but didn't think anything of it, until he produced an audio cord and brought it toward my laptop. His intent? To play the music I was listening to over their speakers, because it would sound "better". It might, granted, but I shooed him away at the time, saying it was fine how it sounded. In actuality though, it would seem music is something I am still self-conscious about. It's almost a step on its own to play music over my speakers loud enough for other people to hear, and I am satisfied with that for now. I don't know if I'd consider my taste in music odd or not, but yet again, it's easier to keep it to myself. I don't really want to try to get him to understand the same though, because that would feel like always having to have some issue to feel bad over. There are dishes to be washed now though, so I am going to wash those, and hope I'm not later than 8pm with those. Maybe I should ask about getting a ride later. That would save some time...

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