Karadur Inacu  (karadur) wrote,
Karadur Inacu 

Now Begins the Delay

Checking the transaction details, it was back at the beginning of the week (Monday night) that I bought a 16GB USB stick on eBay, and apparently it still hasn't been shipped out. The listing details do specify approximately 3 business days handling time, but even by the most fair way of looking at it, this would be the third day, therefore I should come home to an email along the lines of "Your item has been shipped!", if I don't get it within the next 45 minutes. I actually bought two of those combined 64GB Memory Stick Pro Duo microSD things last night, which is going to be another ~$120 out of my checking account next week, but I think I might be able to be content with this. Upgrades for my laptop are not necessary at the moment, and although I use my PSP most often (aside from my laptop), I can't justify buying parts to repair my other one just so I have a backup. If and when I have the money though, I probably will, and toward stuff for my laptop... it's a matter of weighing whether or not it will continue working for long enough to make adding RAM and a larger hard drive worth it. The biggest downside to getting more RAM would be having to install the 64-bit version of Windows 7, and therein, having to get used to two Program Files folders, and the whole sysWOW64 folder in regards to visual styles thing. As for additional hard drive space, it would be useful regardless of OS version, yes, but hard drives will almost always be more expensive than RAM. I really need the USB stick though, because the one I have for reinstallation stuff now is nearly full. Such wonderful, insignificant issues I face...

In other news, I estimate that I spent about six hours last night fiddling with ISOs of PSP games. Downloading more, and trying to coerce them into working on my lower firmware version (clearly I share the belief that finding something that works is better than constantly upgrading - GMail got after me this morning too about Palemoon not being up-to-date), which wouldn't have taken nearly so long, if there was more free space on my memory stick for one, the files didn't take so long to copy for two, and I could find specific directions on how to patch the various games I was having problems with. Pop'n Music Portable (the pre-patched version), for example, starts, but displays a message in Japanese with two options below it, neither of which do anything. The solution to get it running? Launch the game, wait for the prompt to come up, eject the memory stick, choose answers until a new screen appears, re-insert the memory stick, and fumble around not knowing any of the other text says until the game launches. It definitely does work, but I'd really like to know what the prompts say. Possibly something about data installation (one mentioned a certain number of kilobytes), and maybe also something to do with the wireless switch off, but yes. Everything I have on there right now works. That, unfortunately, says nothing of the first game in the same series, which I'm hoping will work now that I've downloaded the pre-patched version, but can't try right now as there isn't enough space on the memory stick, and I don't want to delete other games just to spend more time working on that one. Probably the only beneficial things that came from that last night were it helping me to get a good, sound sleep, and being too busy to go out to 7-11. I know I'll get there before the weekend is over. There are two closes to work with Cheryl and Tom first though, which should hopefully go better than Wednesday did. I haven't heard anything else from Mary, and Cheryl was busy with other things when I gave Brandon his external drive last night, so it could be we're getting yet another chance. Or Mary could suddenly be the closing manager tonight. I'll find out soon enough...

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