Karadur Inacu  (karadur) wrote,
Karadur Inacu 

That Didn't Take Long

As of next Wednesday, Cheryl is no longer a manager. No time wasted, yes? According to her side of how it went though, she beat Mary to it by saying she wanted to step down immediately after Mary said they needed to talk (about Wednesday), but overall, I feel only general indifference toward it. I'm not glad to see her taken off the list of managers because now they'll need to find and train somebody else, and new people always introduce a (somewhat ironic) certain uncertainty, but am glad to see her in with the rest of the non-managment staff on the schedule, because it means that closes should hopefully go slightly better now. Laura went on a bit of a speech about how she didn't understand why things ended up the way they did on Wednesday, because she and I have had nights like that ourselves, and were able to get out in good time, and I disagree with that because I still would've had two and a half hours of dishes (unless Laura called somebody in to wash them), but the point still stands. Cheryl, Tom, and I still close tomorrow though, and it ought to be an interesting night, considering I got quite frustrated with her tonight as well. I do feel quite strongly that it's because I've been watching alot of Hell's Kitchen lately, and am stuck in that "Do it the way I expect - no exceptions" state of mind, but even so, her priorities are somewhat scattered. I can't say anything for while we were open, because I was quite testy over the amount of customers myself then, but after we closed, I couldn't abide her wandering around for a bit after counting off Tom's till, and eventually sending him up front to clean the grill while she washed the rest of the dishes. Why can't you do it yourself, Cheryl? Similarly, why do we have to go through a slight disagreement over whether or not we're ready to leave? I'm still wiping down the doors of the fridges, so you can't come up front, ask if we're ready, and tell me "No" twice, when I say "Just about" or somesuch. I am doing my work. I may not be doing the work that you expect to be done, but where expectations are concerned, I do feel it's better to give seniority precedence. I unintentionally locked myself in the bathroom to change before she took her stuff out though, so that helped to balance it out. Tomorrow is a new night though. I left without waiting for either of them tonight, so maybe I'll do the same tomorrow, and feel somewhat more justified for doing that.

Following work, the walk home was normal, but only until I made it to Grand Ave.. There were at least two police cars out in front of 7-11, boxing in other vehicles that were parked in the lot, and two policemen were standing outside one of the doors. I thought about trying to go in for snacks, to see what was going on / what had happened, but quickly thought better of it, and continued on. I noticed the policemen watching me as I walked past, and as I neared the street the hospital is on, heard somebody calling out "Hey!" It sounded like it was being directed in the opposite direction (to what I was walking) though, but still somewhat anxious, I continued walking, and nothing else eventful happened. When I went there (to that 7-11) a couple weeks ago, a random customer took offense to being told "You have yourself a good night", but that's the most I've seen there. Nothing requiring the police to be called, so maybe I will go there after work tomorrow, and see if anything is mentioned.

Those things aside though, the only other point of interest that comes to mind is that I was right. I have an email from eBay saying that my USB stick has been shipped out, so now I wait. And wait for my PSP memory sticks, and wait for another package for Brandon, and I think that's all for now. I should probably try to make the decision right now, because packages upon coming home from Toronto in May were... many. I could try to get started on my Christmas shopping for this year right now, but better than that, I should not buy a bunch of random stuff just because it looks nice or whatever else. I remember actually having a list of things I wanted to buy before. One was a projector so I could play console games in my room, and some others had to do with various handhelds, if I remember... Maybe I should do that again - make up a list of everything I want, from "kind of" to "really", and tuck it away on my external drive like I did before so it takes more effort than I'm willing to expend to get to, and I can't spend any money. Or I should just make it a point to not take things for granted, but... do you know what the best idea would really be? To call it a night. I lost my train of thought a good while ago, and my nose is starting to run from being up so early, so this can be done here. For tomorrow, I should try to find my packing tape. Admirable goal, yes, but in lieu of anything else, it works well enough. It's time for sleep right now though~

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