Karadur Inacu  (karadur) wrote,
Karadur Inacu 

Things Are Not Going My Way

Michele responded to my email about Tuesday to say that while she'll be in London for a meeting then, I can still go in to do some more work. Apparently there are no more envelopes to come in, so however many are there tomorrow will be all that need to be done. That's good, right? It means I'll have something more to do tomorrow, and there's also a fair chance of this being all the work she needs me for until September, but why is it that only after she replied to me that my laptop started to act up again? It's not the same as before either - stable for now, but the touchpad is doing its "I'm going to hamper your keyboard's response rate" thing, and if I move it in any significant way (including placing it on the table beside me), the screen blinks off, and I have to gently flex the area around the touchpad to get it to come back on again, then have about a 50% chance of it remaining on when I set it back down. Because of that, guess where I've asked for a ride to before work tonight? That's right - Future Shop. I still really don't want to, because I was somewhat seriously considering buying another expensive something recently (the letters V, P, and S are part of the name), and want both, but can't afford them on the back of other thoughts that returned to plague me last night, concerning how long I can remain here. Perhaps this year I'll have to scale back on Christmas presents. I managed to maintain my desired balance last year, even though I was both setting money aside to go to Toronto in December, and buying gifts as they came to mind, so if I alot, say, $100 to each person, I might be better off. Having a 3DS already will help too. Oh, and since I can't avoid saying it forever, I am still going there in August. That means I need to buy a train ticket on Thursday as well, which is another $140, and then I really want to be done.

Isn't this fun? We're off to Future Shop right now though, so hopefully they have what I want. If not... we'll see~

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