Karadur Inacu  (karadur) wrote,
Karadur Inacu 

Fun Night In Store

I am... how to say... between laptops right now. I am currently using the one that was previously set up specifically for downloading, as things yesterday night didn't go exactly as I hoped they would. To start, Future Shop did not have exactly what I wanted (or at least I couldn't see it - I didn't ask anybody though), so I settled on a Samsung laptop that I had picked out online as a strong possibility for one to buy. The only things I didn't like about it were that it had three USB ports, as opposed to four on my soon-to-be previous laptop, and was lacking a Memory Stick Pro Duo slot, which is useful to me, what with using my PSP on a regular basis. Now, that laptop came in four different color options, and as it would turn out, the one that I wanted (white, with pink keyboard and same-colored top) was out of stock, even though the demo model was in perfect working order. I did ask somebody if I would be able to actually buy that one, but then went back and forth for about fifteen minutes while one of the staff tried to check and confirm their stock, while I wandered up and down the aisle looking at the other laptops, in the process finding a couple that were arguably better choices, thus creating conflict. I'd gone there for a specific item, but was told it wasn't in stock, but didn't just say "Alright. Thanks anyway", and as a result ended up finding other options that looked tempting, but which I didn't know about before. In the end, the guy who was having a more thorough look at what they had told me that he'd try checking with the store manager, and I took the opportunity to say "Actually, I have to head off to work now, but thanks for your help". Cut to going back there this morning, and kind-of sort-of purchasing said Samsung laptop, but in the white and blue color combination instead. Ironically, I was given the option to buy the demo laptop, as they didn't have any boxed ones in stock, so I asked if that meant I could get the one I was looking at yesterday, but was told no, for reasons that I don't remember now. I don't mind blue. I'd just like the pink one more. I said "kind-of sort-of" though, because even though I've paid for it, I do not at this moment have the laptop. They have to wipe the hard drive, which apparently takes an extensive amount of time, because I can only pick it up after 5pm tomorrow. Yes. I've already paid for it (~$665), and spent an hour or so earlier downloading all of the drivers (I hope they're the right ones), but that means tomorrow, I'll be going to Heart and Stroke to work on receipting there until 5, then will hopefully be picked up by Mom so we can go out to Future Shop, and also get groceries at the same time, then come home, wait a little while for Windows 7 to install (again, assuming there are no complications), partition the drive, install drivers, install programs, pick through all of the backups from my previous laptop (I obviously didn't have the convenience of being able to pick and choose at which files to keep, so I am copying over all of the data from all four partitions), and then finally be up and running again. Hurray.

In the meantime, I have a fun night ahead of me of going out for snacks, then reading new scary / creepy story threads on Reddit. I don't want to get into anything too in-depth on this laptop, because it is only a hold-over until tomorrow, so it'll be that, and watching episodes of Whose Line Is It Anyway. So very amazing. It is a change though, so it should be fun. Possibly frightening as well, but that's what the show is for. And snacks too. If I wait until later for those, I'm liable to not want to leave the house...

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