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More of the Same

The day started off so well, but it seems I am sadly now back to exactly what I was doing yesterday night - copying files to this laptop's hard drive, which is still taking as long as ever. At the moment, I have about a quarter of the programs partition of the old drive left to go through, which would be fine if that was everything, but following programs, there's a whole bunch of music to be copied over, although that amusingly still might not take too long, because the entire contents of that folder are smaller (when combined) than all of StepMania's songs. Oh, and Be-Pachi Music / Lunatic Rave 2, too. I haven't played either for some time, but still copied them over, and they took about two hours each. There's just so much data, but maybe I'll get lucky, and copying will be completely done by the end of the night. I don't know if I could force myself to remain awake longer, but I'm starting to get the feeling as if this needing to be finished is one of the reasons I've had a slight headache for the past couple days. Heat would seem to be a culprit too, as might be not getting enough sleep, and there. It just happened again. Nodded off for about fifteen minutes. Food is probably to blame this time, because I did go out to Dollarama and Tim Hortons earlier (around 8pm), but enough is enough. I'm not about to call it a night here and now, as I still have things to do, so what else (that is / are more interesting) can I say?

a] I have a train ticket for August now. Leaving Chatham at 6:19am (I think) on July 31st, and arriving in Toronto at a couple minutes after 10am, then on the way home, leaving Toronto on August 14th at ~7:05pm, and arriving back in Chatham just after quarter after 10. It's good to have that taken care of, but I just hope I got the dates right, as I forgot to write them down at Heart and Stroke, and couldn't remember what they were when I got to the train station.

b] I am once again caught up at Heart and Stroke, this time until at least October. The day started off with me having to finish up somebody else's work, which I came to be quite worked up with (they didn't make any mistakes, but their pile of donations seemed to go on forever), printed the report and receipts, gave those to Michele, and had just enough time to do the same with my pile of work from yesterday - finish the receipting, print the report, and the receipts to follow - and then was all done. It's good to be caught up, and to know that I'll be able to sleep in next week, but if I get too confident, I'll probably wake up one of those mornings to an email from Michele asking if I might be available for one more afternoon.

c] Everything that I know so far leads me to believe that it's no coincidence this happened, but I was talking to Dan earlier, to tell him I bought a train ticket, and went on to mention something or other about this laptop being slow because of Teracopy, which he eventually picked up on, and asked "You got a new laptop?" or somesuch. I explained what happened with my previous one, and he observed that it sounded like there was a loose connection somewhere. I told him I'd tried to take it apart as much as I could, but got stuck on removing the motherboard, as I couldn't work out how anybody would be expected to detatch the cables with only a couple inches to work in, and then something occurred to me. Disassembly of either of my Toshiba laptops involved removing the keyboard as a first step, yet that's the one thing I didn't try with my Sony one, largely because I didn't want to damage it. I still don't, but at this point, what is there to lose? Surely I can find a thin, stiff piece of plastic with which to try to wedge the keyboard free once the bottom is off, but I don't want to try that just now. Setup of this one must come first, and then, should I find myself with an abundance of free time on my hands after that, I'll have a go at disassembling the other one for the seventh or eighth time now.

Aside from those things though, I think I'm finally done with copying items from the programs partition over, so now it's on to other things. With luck, I won't fall asleep again either...

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