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More Things to Do

I made the decision at work yesterday night that I would watch Mary Poppins when I got home. It was still on my mind from being mentioned yesterday afternoon, and I gave Manoah quite a hard time over apparently never having seen it (he always does the same with me when he mentions such things that I haven't seen and / or heard of), so I did, but unfortunately wasted about half an hour trying to find the setting in KMPlayer to auto-hide the control bar, meaning that I ended up watching about half of it last night, and the other half while I ate breakfast today. Still a good movie even after all these years, and reading pages on it on TVTropes gave me an idea for something else to hopefully watch when I get home tonight, provided it / they are finished downloading in time: Homeward Bound: The Incredible Journey. I remember watching that movie quite frequently as a kid, but many years have passed since then, so I'm liable to have forgotten most to all of it. Either that, or I can watch the rest of season 6 of Hell's Kitchen, but I'm not sure about TV shows just now. They're alright, but I feel like a change for a bit would be better. There will be no snacks on the way home - I've already eaten cake for breakfast, and pudding for lunch, so garlic bread or something of the sort might be for supper - and it may take a bit longer to get home if Manoah has to walk tonight as well, but that will work out nicely. The only thing that might make it better is having tomorrow off, but that would make for three days on and four days off, which at this point is undesirable.

What's more, almost entirely due to this new and improved laptop, I have a couple new games to play, one of which has pretty much my full devotion for now: Darksiders. It was shown in one of the videos I was watching on Youtube to get an idea of how the integrated graphics in another laptop I was looking at would perform, and although I didn't buy that laptop, I still looked around for the game, and it's pretty good. I recall the movie describing it as a "really epic Legend of Zelda", which it does overall feel like thus far. Pretty fun, and then there are a couple other games as well, one of which is Skyrim, because Xion recommended I get it before (specifically, he said that I would "love [him] for it"), but I've not gone past the first couple minutes yet. Eventually though, and then I'll sink many hours into exploring various caves and dungeons, just as I did with Oblivion. Considering my three days off coming up, it's good to have something specific in mind (even more with the release of Theatrhythm on Tuesday, and possible delivery of my PSP memory sticks), but I still don't want to be so confident as to say that's enough to go on. What I really ought to do when I get home tonight is back things up as per usual for the beginning of the month, but really can't until my 16GB USB stick arrives, so it's a matter of not being able to do what I should, but as a result of that, being able to do something enjoyable, but much less important. Oh, dilemna. I should at least put some effort into cleaning up my desktop though, so maybe that will come before watching Homeward Bound.

As for other odds and ends, I let Tom borrow some money last night. Only $40, which I was unwilling to part with at first, but figure is alright for the moment. He made it clear I would be paid back when we next get paid, so if he doesn't, this will have been the first and last time he borrows money, and if he does, I might not lend any more to anybody until I get home from Toronto. As I told Manoah, I have no personal reasons not to, so we'll just see. On a related note though, I'm starting to think about Christmas this year, and am really strongly considering that maybe, instead of trying to think of what everybody would like, I should just bluntly ask them. Request a list of one or two reasonably-priced items, being sure to make it clear that they mustn't ask anybody else for those same things, lest they get two or more, and go on that. If only it wasn't the easy way out... At any rate though, I need to be off to work soon, which I'm hoping will go by more quickly than either of the past two nights. It should, because it's a Sunday, but people will likely want food following Canada Day celebrations, so it might get busy then. I'll just stop worrying now, and take whatever comes, I suppose~

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