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I Am Not Involved

At work last night, Manoah told me of something that happened earlier that afternoon. Denise (a new manager) bought donuts for everybody, so when he started, Manoah picked one out, but left it in the box, expecting to have it later. Sometime between then and ~8pm, however, Tom got it in his head that the rest (three) were up for grabs, and put them away in the walk-in, unbeknownst to Manoah. Then, at the end of his shift, he brought them out to take home, and when Manoah saw the box in his hand, said he still wanted the one he selected earlier. From what I was told, Tom's response was along the lines of "Oh. Oh well", and nothing more. As much as I would like to be annoyed with him over that though (and am, to an extent), I'm trying not to be, because until Manoah said anything, I didn't know that donuts had even been purchased, but it's still pretty selfish of him. Maybe Manoah should've taken the one he wanted out of the box and set it aside, but as he didn't, maybe Tom should've asked everybody if they wanted another donut, and taken the rest only if they all said no. Know what would really be nice? If he did show that sort of thought for other people, and bought a box of donuts next weekend to share with everybody. Will it happen? I very much doubt it, but yeah. Donuts. As I told Manoah on the way home, I will almost certainly make up cookies or buy a box of Dilly / Buster Bars from Dairy Queen to leave in the walk-in / freezer for everybody at the end of the month, but I don't want Tom (or anybody else) to see those treats and assume that they're entitled to whatever's left after everybody has had one, but at the same time, feel it wouldn't be practical to attach a note to them saying "One per person per shift, until gone". Not only would the note probably not stay attached, but it still wouldn't stop people from having two or more if they felt like it. In the meantime though, I intend to go to Tim Hortons on the way to work tonight to look for two of the donuts Manoah wanted, so we can both have one at the end of the night.

Continuing with work-related things, there's an added incentive to closing tonight, even though I'm not used to the feeling of having to work on Monday now, being that we get paid time and a half for tonight's shift, as opposed to yesterday, as originally assumed. Fine by me, and because I never made it to watching movies last night, think I will go for snacks on the way home this time, and then have fun with that. Even better, as Manoah will probably be walking home again, stop at the house for just a moment to put my uniform inside the door, then continue on with him to 7-11, and part ways there. I want another bacon roast beef something or other sandwich, and candies, and maybe Pringles, because all I've had today is pudding. Yes, again. It is quite alright for a quick meal, and inexpensive on top of that, but I might consider buying some milk next time I go grocery shopping, to replace what I've used. 2 cups per packet is quite a bit, but three bags (one big bag) shouldn't be too expensive.

I need to be off to work now though, so here's hoping for everything to go as desired from now until the end of the night. I'm looking forward to relaxing~

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