Karadur Inacu  (karadur) wrote,
Karadur Inacu 

What Happened to Yesterday?

I know exactly what happened: supper. I got it into my head that because I was on my first day off, I would get a couple orders of Italian Cheese Bread from Little Caesars. Picked those up around 8:10pm, got home at about 8:30, and had gone through both boxes by 9:00, if not a couple minutes after. Skip ahead a couple hours, and for some strange, unexplainable reason, I felt extremely tired. So much so that I fell asleep and didn't even know about it until I woke up at ~11:30, from where I decided that since I was still feeling tired, I would just go back to sleep, and save myself the bother of having to find something to do. Jump ahead to 2am now, and I woke up, unable to sleep any longer, so I then stayed awake for ~4 hours working on getting monthly backups done, and cleaning out my torrents folders, eventually followed by going back to sleep around 6:30, and sleeping from then until 1. In the hour and a half since then, I've mostly finished those backups, along with other things needing to be done from this being a new install of Windows 7, and now I'm waiting on something that is largely out of my control: the mail. As far as I can tell, there's an almost certain chance of my 16GB USB stick being delivered today. Would be nice to go downstairs after writing this and find it in the mailbox, as transferring all of my reinstallation files to a larger drive is one of the two things I have left to do to complete backup-related tasks, but that says nothing of my PSP memory sticks, which I'm rather hoping arrive more, as they represent something that I do in fact want just a little more. Unfortunately, the tracking page for the USB stick said it was out for delivery last time I checked, whereas the tracking page for the memory sticks said that package had been processed at the postal facility in London, and nothing more. I really ought to go check now, but no. I can finish this first.

One good thing yesterday brought was the release of Theatrhythm Final Fantasy. Although I asked for a ride to EB Games so as to avoid the rain, I did successfully pick up my copy, and am quite pleased with it thus far. I may not know who all of the characters are, and may as yet be entirely unconcerned with the ability to equip them with weapons and items, not to mention the various advantages or disadvantages their stats may offer in different styles of play, but aside from not understanding, it is a visually stunning game (at least for me, although that could just be a difference in the 3DS's screen (pixel density, perhaps?), and quite easy to pick up on. Gameplay basically revolves around three different types of notes. For red notes, one simply has to tap the bottom screen when the note reaches the receptor. Green notes are hold notes, obviously meaning that the stylus has to be held down from the beginning to the end of each, and yellow notes are where the game gets slightly tricky. Those require a line to be drawn on the bottom screen in the same direction the arrow on the note is facing, but it has to be a solid line - you can't just flick the stylus (which I wish you could). Furthermore, holds can end in such directional notes, but the circle at the end will still be green instead of yellow, which can be confusing if you don't look far ahead enough. Along with three note styles, there are three (technically four) gameplay styles. I can't remember the names / acronyms for them at the moment, but the first, represented by a red note, places all four of your party members in a battle with a monster, where each party member has their own note line. Fortunately, the bottom screen can still be tapped anywhere to activate the notes. Second is the one represented by a green note, which only the lead character of your party takes part in. In that style, there's only one note path, but the trails for the hold notes curve, so you have to hold the stylus on the bottom screen, and drag down or up so that the note receptor stays on the path. Finally is the one I don't like, represented by a yellow note. In that one, the note receptor moves, while the notes remain stationary. It might not sound difficult, but I'm used to there being a fixed point where the notes travel to, instead of it being the other way around. There is surely plenty more that can be said of it aside from the above as well, but as I'm not trying to write an actual review here, I'll just say that I like it so far. What I played yesterday seemed to offer a fair bit of depth, but if one takes a big step back, the problem of me having too much to do is back once again. I will manage though.

I don't think there's really anything else to be said for right now, so I'm off to find some breakfast and to check the mailbox. I know I want butterscotch pudding to start, and then just maybe I'll get lucky with the mail this time. If not, well, surely I have enough to do now that I could find something to distract myself with~

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