Karadur Inacu  (karadur) wrote,
Karadur Inacu 

As It Should Be

Well, almost, to make it fair. Things being exactly as they should be would mean that both packages I was expecting this week arrived today, but I was not quite so lucky. I have a delivery slip with which to go pick one up tomorrow, but the other did arrive, being my PSP memory sticks. I'm glad to have them, because it means I can work on clearing out that ~26GB of space, but before that is the long part: waiting for all the files from my music and homebrew stick to copy over so I can then wait another couple hours to copy them back onto the 64GB stick, and then in all likelihood the same for games, because if I specifically choose which files to keep and which to discard, I'm liable to miss something. Overall though, I find this quite fitting. Here I am on my last day off this week, and I've yet to feel bored in the same way I did before. Maybe that's because it's not the first time, but I find more likely than that it's because I've had (enjoyable) things to do. Hell, I probably would've quickly become bored yesterday, because I only left the house when I stuck my head out the door to check the mail several times, but managed to keep in a state of mind which was not unlike that of when I was working on making a complete solution guide for Pic Pic. Remember that project I mentioned a while back, but said I didn't want to name specifically, lest that spoil my interest in it? It was doing the same thing with Mario's Picross. Sadly, something that has already been done by other people, but not in quite the way I have, which is why I felt it worthwhile to do, and last night was a case of how I used to be with those ending advanced logic Magipic puzzles.

You see, in Mario's Picross, there are two overall levels. Easy Picross, which is exactly as it sounds - easy puzzles, with sizes ranging from 5×5 (squares) to 15×15, comprised of only eight levels of eight puzzles each (64 altogether). After that, there's standard Picross (just "Picross" in the game), which is further subdivided into three groups - Kinoko, which are all 15×15 puzzles, followed by Star, which is exactly the same aside from increased difficulty, and then Time Trial. Kinoko and Star are the same as Easy Picross, in that their puzzles are divided into eight levels made up of eight puzzles each, but Time Trial throws that right out the window. Not only does the game not alert you of mistakes in that mode, but there is no tidy level structure, leading to 64 puzzles that repeat endlessly after the 64th. I would estimate that I completed the latter ~60 of those yesterday, and then was thoroughly dismayed to see a random puzzle that I'd already completed brought back as the 65th (instead of a congratulatory message). A good ten hours of that, which I don't feel is time wasted, but did have me to the point where I didn't care about much else. More toward the end of it, I kept telling myself that I would go out to 7-11 for snacks when I completed the last puzzle, as a reward to myself (even though I'd already eaten enough during the afternoon), but by the time I finished the last one and organized them all, it was nearly 4am, and I just couldn't see the point. As such, I had some cereal and toast, played Darksiders for a bit, and then went to bed. It should be obvious what I'm thinking about doing tonight, but I can't shake the thought that, like last week, I should take advantage of Dollarama in the mall being open until 9, and go there for snacks again. I can still stop at 7-11 on the way home for candies and an ice cream cone too, if I want. Back to projects though, I do have other games in mind to do the same thing with, but as not saying what the first one was before it was completed seems to have worked out this time, I'll do the same again the second. I don't think I'll start today though.

Other than that, it seems all I can do now is wait for Teracopy to work through these last ~700 files, then go wash the dishes that are downstairs right now while everything copies onto the new stick. I don't know if I'll be able to finish all of this by the end of the day, especially because there are other things I want / need to do as well (laundry, pack up my other laptop, delete everything downloaded only for Brandon from the external drive all those shows are stored on, then put it away, do something related to my LiveJournal galler(y/ies) that is too complicated to explain in parentheses), but perhaps what I'll do (time permitting) is go to Dollarama after washing dishes right now, then have the extra time later. Still 10 minutes to wait on Teracopy though. I wonder how long it'll take to copy all of these files to the new memory stick...

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