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Good God. I just got up. It's 7 at night. Mom's still feeling sick, and Dad's gone off to work with the van. I wanted to go to EB Games, but by the time he gets back, they're going to be closed, and the van's gone, as I just said, so short of going to 7-11 right now, I have nowhere to get supper.

So I don't know. I'll probably wait for Dad to get back from work whenever, then ask him if we can run out to Wendys or Taco Bell, then probably go to 7-11 alone later on in the night, and then definitely be up by 12 tomorrow. See, I'm giving someone else at Heart and Stroke a tutorial on doing the P2P receipting, and there's no way in hell I'm just going to "accidentally" sleep through that.

By far the worst thing about sleeping in though was that both my alarm clocks (the actual clock and my DS) went off, and on a side note, I need to figure out a better place to put my DS, seeing as I could quite easily turn it off from my bottom bunk. But anyways, they went off at 11:30 and 12:00 respectively. I turned them off, went back to sleep, and did not wake up again 'till 7.

Thinking about it from a more positive light though, Michele never said I had to be in today. Simply that I need to be in tomorrow. And for that, I can set my alarm clock, both of my DSes, and find some sort of alarm clock program to put on my laptop, if need be. For going to EB Games, I can always go on Thursday, which'd probably be better, because we get paid then :p I also have that day off, so it's not like I'll buy the game then not get a chance to play it.

It's just... disorienting, and really aggravating to get out of bed, and see that it's already night outside. Yeah, it makes for a nice sleep, but that's about the only upside :s

So now I'm just torn on waiting for Dad to get back, or possibly going upstairs to ask Mom if we could run out to grab some supper. I would go to 7-11, but that's a last resort. Might as well go up and check now...

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