Karadur Inacu  (karadur) wrote,
Karadur Inacu 

Here and Gone Again

I wonder if the reason I woke up quite early this morning to find that I had flipped completely around in bed was because I knew something was amiss. Once I realized I was facing the door to the spare room, I turned around to face the proper direction, and opened my laptop to check the time. Only ~8am, but I took the opportunity to read a new email I had received. It concerned a purchase / pre-order I made online for a game-related item that wouldn't be released until the end of August / beginning of September, so I figured it must just be confirmation that the payment had gone through, because I noticed the money had been taken from my bank account last night, but it was something else - something significantly more distressing. The email was an apology for a problem, which turned out to be that they'd sent the wrong item out. Indeed. I've made a pre-order, but you send me something straight away, and don't see the problem? I tried to push it out of my mind for a bit, so I could get back to sleep, but distress kept me unable to do anything more than lay there with my eyes closed, so I opened them again, along with my laptop, to compose a reply. The seller of said item offered me two options. The first was that I could simply return the incorrect item to them, and the second was taking on responsibility to ship it to somebody else in Canada. I chose the first option, because I didn't want to deal with paying for shipping on my own, and with the possibility of that other person not receiving what they ordered, so I said I would send it back, and laid down to go to sleep again, feeling frustrated, because as it seemed at the time, I would have to first wait until next week (if not longer) to get that package, and them fumble around with figuring out how to send it back without any personal expense.

Skip ahead to later in the afternoon (about 2pm), and Trish indirectly let me know that she'd signed for a package that had come for me. The tracking number matched up to the one I was given for the aforementioned item, so with absolutely no ado, I crossed out my address, circled theirs, and wrote "Return to sender" up in an empty spot. Then took it to Shoppers, explained what had happened, confirmed that I hadn't opened it, handed it over to the clerk, and went back home again, to tell the seller that it was in the hands of Canada Post. Now I'm waiting for a reply from them, although I feel like I should also check the tracking page, because it might be updated to reflect the return. All in all, well, as the title of this entry sort of says, I had it, and now it's gone again. At least I know that paying extra for EMS shipping (where warranted) is worth it, and I should also be thankful that I was alerted of the error before the package arrived, otherwise I probably would've opened it, and then would've been responsible for paying for return shipping. That's not all that I'm waiting for (in the mail) either, but the others might come next week if I'm lucky, and the week after that if not. One is a USB Memory Stick PRO / Duo adapter (which I think I mentioned before) and the other is ten dual-slot microSD Memory Stick PRO adapters. Just the adapters (although they also should come with free cases, which will be appreciated), because even if I try to be as careful as possible with the ones that came yesterday, they're liable to start coming apart sooner or later. As for that USB stick, I was actually able to pick it up after 5pm yesterday as well, so I went to Shoppers first, then to Dollarama, and finally to 7-11 on the way home. A wonderfully hot, humid, and sweaty walk, but I got what I was after, so I have no complaints. Now all I have to do is actually make use of the thing...

Of what I wanted to do yesterday, PSP-related tasks are relatively complete. Both sticks have been backed up to the external hard drive, but it took at least three and a half hours for me to realize what made the first one take so long to copy: I put the PSP on hold mode. The copying continued, but the copying speed dropped to about half of what it was. Made for a long, tedious stretch of time, so suffice it to say, while I do have the 16GB USB stick which will be used to store reinstallation stuff now, I likely won't get to putting anything on it until Tuesday. Maybe I'll find time after the weekend, but I've downloaded another 5 (yes, five) PSP games which need to be tested, and I remember how long that took before. Not quite an eternity, but it certainly felt like it. As for today though, I'm not really sure what I want to do. Definitely leave for work earlier than normal, so I can walk there more slowly, but what about the ~15 minutes I have right now? Extract / copy those new games into one folder, I suppose. It'll probably take nearly 15 minutes~

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