Karadur Inacu  (karadur) wrote,
Karadur Inacu 

Very Little Time Left...

Suffice it to say I have enjoyed this afternoon, but considering I woke up at quarter to 1, it would've been nice if I put a bit more effort into writing in here. Instead, I mostly just played Darksiders. I'm not sure how long the game is, but I've now beaten two of what I presume are major bosses. I still agree that it feels kind of like a Zelda game, but there are absolutely little bits of Banjo Tooie present as well. Having to backtrack to open previously inaccessible chests is definitely not unfamiliar, but I'm currently waiting to find some sort of grappling hook, as there was a very obvious grapple point in the area I completed earlier. Setting the game aside though, one might also assume that I'd invest some time in transferring all of my reinstallation files to the USB stick that arrived on Thursday, so I can verify that it works, and leave appropriate feedback for the seller on top of having the first task complete, but no. I just... can't. Everybody else went out somewhere today, but I stayed here and played a game. It is fun.

Now I have to leave for work though, which I assume will be busy, because last night wasn't, and I think I'm rather looking forward to it this time, but more for the walk than for working. There's something satisfying about working up such a sweat (even if it is because of the humidity), and subsequent going about business as normal inside regardless of having enough time to cool off or not. Of course, it might help that it was warmer outside than in yesterday, so with luck, the same will happen again tonight. I think by far the biggest problem will be not going to 7-11 on the way home. I have ~$40 that needs to last until this coming Thursday (and that's with Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday off for the third week in a row), and have already eaten enough that I could reasonably have only a small snack when I get home, but I want to go there anyway. Pringles, and candies, and an ice cream cone... We have freezies here, yes? Perhaps those will suffice...

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