Karadur Inacu  (karadur) wrote,
Karadur Inacu 

Getting Too Involved Again

Maybe I actually have no good reason to feel wary, but it would seem like I'm definitely straying away from what I'm comfortable with if Manoah and I actually sit down on the bench outside Kent Manor for a good ten to fifteen minutes to continue our conversation. All in all, we weren't talking about anything bad, but taking extra time like that isn't something I normally do. That I can recall, I proffered a couple theories that might explain why Tom was ever-impatient with about 99% of the customers last night, because of something that started much earlier. From midnight (give or take half an hour) on, Manoah and I were having a discussion centered around me trying to understand why he insisted that Tom complete a certain task, because until he answered my main question in the way that I needed, it seemed like he was singling Tom out, but didn't realize it. All of the facts are pretty much the same as before - Tom is impatient and short with a wide majority of customers, but as I told Manoah, I feel the same way when they interrupt me while I'm in the middle of something, but generally don't get worked up about it as much as Tom does. In the end, I brought up what we learned from him last week - that when he started, he was given the choice to handle customers or handle orders, and chose orders - which, if he was and did, has evidently backfired on him now. According to Manoah it's actually to the point where Mary is taking him off closes for a week or two, in order to keep a closer eye on him, but outside of not learning that the way he acts toward customers is wrong, why shouldn't he get a break? At least that way it would be possible to tell if he genuinely did need a change in position, or if he's just more prone to becoming agitated in general. Weekend closes on their own could also be a factor though. I know I get plenty irritable when I'm made to take orders and wash dishes all night, because it's a long stretch of time, but perhaps I should just see that as another reason to be glad that I get three days off in a row. As for becoming too involved again though, what can I say? It's really that I'm only getting more in-depth with things that I talk about with Manoah, and to repeat what I just said previously, I do have three days off coming up.

Those things aside though, yesterday went pretty well, and now I have the difference of starting an hour early for two nights to look forward to. Still about half an hour left today, and I do of course have things lined up to do when I get home. To start, download packed XPI files for all of the Palemoon extensions I use, whereupon everything will have been transferred to my 16GB stick aside from a profile backup for this month, then get into testing new PSP games. I would rather wait for the USB card adapter, but there's no guarantee it'll arrive tomorrow. Oh, and as for the package I sent back on Friday, the tracking page has indeed been updated to say that it's being returned to the sender. Now if only it weren't the weekend, so the sender would reply to my emails... Instead of worrying about that though, I'm off to make some pudding for a snack before I go to work. One box left, so maybe I'll leave early to buy more from Food Basics tomorrow~

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