Karadur Inacu  (karadur) wrote,
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No Means Anything But

With it being the start of a new week now, I received a reply to the email mentioned at the end of my previous entry. Seemingly ignoring what I said before, it bluntly said "Yes, I know" (that the package had been sent back), and went on to ask if, should it be delivered to me again, would I assist in forwarding it to somebody else in Canada. I told them I would prefer not to do that, neglecting to mention that my hesitance was because of the shipping cost, not to mention responsibility if the item wasn't successfully delivered, and received another reply from them shortly thereafter, asking again if I would help to send it out, adding that they would reimburse me for the shipping cost, and send a free gift with my order as thanks for the help. As of right now, I'm waiting to hear back from them again, because I sent a third reply saying that if there actually was another customer in Canada waiting for the item that was mistakenly sent to me, then I would do my best to accommodate, provided they sent me the necessary information, and were aware I would be gone for two weeks starting at the end of this month. Responsibility is still a concern, but I could take a picture of the package and my copy of the shipping slip to show them, but they still haven't replied, possibility because they realized the same thing I did. The package they sent to me is already on its way back to them, so unless they have some way to reverse its direction mid-shipment, it will ultimately be more sensible for them to send it directly to the proper person, and leave me alone until what I ordered is shipped out. Otherwise they'll have to pay to get it to me, and I'll have to pay to get it to the person it was actually intended for, then they'll have to pay me back what I spent for the second leg of shipping, and... yeah. It's not that I don't want to help, but acting as an intermediary is, in this case, not my responsibility.

Having said that though, my mind has gone blank for anything else to write about. I'm surprised to see that it's already 2pm, because I woke up at about quarter to 1, but that reminds me of a somewhat unsettling dream I had just before waking up. It was short, in that all it involved was Manoah telling me I wasn't needed at work on Friday, and a bit more after that, but I can't really work out how to say what it was without explaining something he told me in confidence, which I said I wouldn't share with anybody. In as general a way as I can put it, he said I might not be needed for my next shift, and when I asked why, he explained that I would only be needed if the extremely unlikely circumstances came to pass. Again, this something concerns work as a whole - not me specifically - but that's all I can really say. Toward what he told me though, I was rather surprised to learn that it's something which has been ongoing for the past ~5 years. Everybody else is blissfully unaware, so work has been business as usual (until he told me, only he, Mary, and Melissa (of people who are / were on the schedule) knew), and that is as it should be. I just hope that dream was only that, and not some sort of premonition though. Probably not, to be fair, but I'll know for sure when I go to work tonight. As for starting an hour early last night, it went well overall, but I became more and more irritable with a wide variety of things up until ~10:30, when Manoah finally said I could count a till. I was able to get almost all of the dishes caught up between 7 and 8:30, which was very much appreciated, but it was still nice to be done, as I'm sure will be the same tonight, provided I don't get irritable again. I'll get to that later though. For right now, I have ~4 hours with which to wait for a reply to that email. Will I get one? Probably not, but I need to know one way or the other how they've decided to proceed...

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