Karadur Inacu  (karadur) wrote,
Karadur Inacu 

My Brain Hates Me

Why else would it make me have a fairly long dream only just before I woke up about still being back at work, and having to send away at least three customers who tried to come through after we closed? I remember Brandon, Manoah, and I being there, with me down in drive through, obviously, wiping things down for the final time so I could go to the back and work on the dishes, when three or four people pulled up in a vehicle. I first told them the same thing that I normally do - that we closed at 1am or 3am (depending on the night), and that there was nothing more I could do for them, but those people weren't satisfied with that alone. They got over the prospect of not being able to order food quickly enough, but then shifted into wanting to exchange some of their money. Specifically, the driver produced a hundred dollar bill. Then another, followed by somebody in the back seat pulling one out of their pocket, and either the same person or somebody else in the back seat doing the same, and then the front seat passenger seeing what everybody else was doing, and apparently deciding then was a good time to join in. So they were then waving $500 at me, asking for twenties, and I lied, saying that my till had already been taken off, so I had absolutely no money to exchange. Following them was a cop who came through, except he had a passenger (in the front seat) which was somewhat unusual. I remember opening the window only slightly to tell him we were already closed, and he pulled away without a fuss, but then, from off to my right, I distinctly heard a voice say "Hey, Lanny!", as I caught somebody's body coming into view out of the corner of my eye, and decided enough was enough. Pulled myself awake, stared frustratedly at nothing in particular, and tried to work out what could have prompted that dream, because by complete contrast, actual work last night was far from anything that the dream might indicate. It wasn't busy at all, dishes were caught up early thanks to Nicole, and stayed caught up throughout the night, giving me a chance to pull out the big white freezer at the back and scrub the floor under it (something that hasn't been done since Manoah moved it to where it is now, I think) in addition to my normal self-assigned cleaning tasks, and still not be in too much of a rush to get everything cleaned up at the end of the night, but manage to be out around quarter-to.

Now I have my anticipated three days off, but what can I really expect to do with them? There was a package delivery notice on my doorknob when I woke up this morning, which I can go pick up after 5pm today, for a change, so hopefully that will be my USB memory card reader, as I should like to put the finishing touches on ISOs, but even if it isn't, I can still work on that. Maybe it'll be the set of items Brandon wanted me to preorder so long ago, in which case I should walk up to work later to drop those off, then pick up my pay stub at the same time (might as well while I'm there), but it could also be the dual microSD adapters, or even that package I wrote about yesterday being re-delivered to me (I honestly hope it isn't), but that seems unlikely, as I still haven't received a response to my most recent email. Maybe I should check the tracking page... All that says is "Item processed at postal facility" in London, with the update before that being to the effect of me having returned it. At any rate, I do have enough to keep me busy. The first thing right now will be to restart so Windows can install updates, as I've been holding off on it for quite a while. I wish it were ~4:30 already though. I'd really like to go pick up that package right now...

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