Karadur Inacu  (karadur) wrote,
Karadur Inacu 

Spoiling it for Myself

Thanks entirely to Brandon, I knew as of ~8:30pm yesterday what I will be paid later on this evening. About $560 in normal pay, and I think around $720 vacation pay. The latter will obviously be transferred to my savings account as soon as it is deposited, and the rest will be a start toward saving money for when I'm in Toronto. Fairly standard stuff on its own, but how does Brandon figure into that? He wouldn't be allowed to open my pay stub(s) without my express permission, and I certainly didn't go there last night just because he was working, so there has to be something else, right? There is indeed, which is that he wanted me to make him cookies. He actually asked on Monday at first, but I told him I had to work, and thought that would be the end of it, because in that first email, he said that if I wasn't able to make them, he'd find something else. Skip ahead to yesterday, and I received quite possibly the most presumptuous email from him, simply stating "Perhaps you could make them tonight and bring them in when they're done? :)", or something to that effect. I completely ignored that message at first, being annoyed with him for giving me such short notice, but did eventually decide to add a couple destinations to what otherwise would've been just walking out to Shoppers to pick up that package. First stop was Dollarama in the mall, where I bought three 6-packs of peanut butter cups. Then it was off to Shoppers for the package, which ended up being those ten dual microSD adapters. The cases are overly large (two adapters can fit snugly into one), but it seems clear they were designed for SD cards, so I'll live with it. After that, I walked down Park Ave to Sobeys for mini chocolate chips, and then finally went back home, where I rested for a bit, before getting to work on those cookies. Maybe it's because I guessed at 3/4 of a cup of flour, or because I accidentally mixed the ingredients out of order, but they didn't come out properly. The tops were fine, but on the bottom of each and every cookie, there was a ring around the outside where they were baked, but then the insides were soft. I still took them to Brandon though, warning him of what had happened, but he only said that was fine, and put them in the walk-in. I suppose they could also not have come out properly because I pushed too hard on the peanut butter cups (causing the heat from the oven to melt them, thus preventing the bottom-inside of each cookie from baking), but I do feel bad about it, and am somewhat anticipating an email from him asking for his money back. Maybe I won't get one, but it seems more likely that I will.

At any rate, because of having those cookies to bake, I spent quite a bit more time downstairs than normal yesterday. Helped Adam put some signed homebrew on his new PSP (it has official firmware 6.60, and he doesn't want to try downgrading it, lest it become bricked), gave him my old 8GB memory stick to replace the 4GB one that he had, and got something else out of the deal that I wasn't expecting. He still had his old PSP, which was apparently not working because he spilled pop on it, so I asked if he would mind me taking it apart for the screen and headphone jack board. He double-checked to make sure there wasn't still a game in it, then gave it to me, so I went upstairs and set about taking it apart. At the end of that, I had a now properly working second silver PSP slim, and also a working (albeit dirty and superficially damaged) white PSP slim that only needs a new screen, headphone jack board, and battery cover. Will I buy those components, and thus have four working PSPs? Maybe. I spent $20 on the OST for Project Diva Extend last night though (both versions that I've found online are really quiet, so I'll rip the tracks myself, and maybe upload them for general consumption), as well as ~$25 on supper from Domino's, because they have a two-for-one deal on Tuesdays, and I owed Trish and Adam a pizza for accidentally eating most of theirs, so I'll hold off on that for now. The only downside to disassembling those PSPs is that the speaker fell out of one while I was reassembling it, and I didn't realize until this afternoon (it can be put back in, but not without removing the faceplate and screen again), as well as that I forgot to reinsert a little metal guard that's supposed to lock in along the top. I could fix that tonight, if I so desired, but for the moment, I'm content with just laying here. I do want to go make some garlic bread for supper in a bit, but I've spent most of the afternoon cleaning things up, so just resting is nice. Really though, what else does that leave to say? I should go make some supper now, instead of waiting until later when I might be less inclined to go downstairs, and then I'll have the night ahead of me to do whatever I like with. I'm getting distracted already, so yes, I will just do that. There's still plenty to be done~

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