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It Didn't Work

Weird. I thought I figured out why no ISOs would work on Adam's PSP, but I guess not. He had me download Killzone, and it was in CSO format. However, he also has Loco Roco on his memory stick, which is in CSO format as well. Only Loco Roco showed up the first time, so I tried taking the extension off of that file, and renaming Killzone to "Loco Roco.cso", but it still showed up as, and loaded the original game :s

The solution I came up with was to keep whatever CSO file was there first, but then decompress the other file from CSO to ISO. So now it seems like the only way to have more than one full game on there is to have each saved as a different filetype :\ Problem with that is there's only three I that I know of. Those being ISO, CSO, and DAX. Feh. I suppose I don't have to worry about that for now.

Probably gonna head to bed at 4, seeing as I do need to be up rather early in the morning. Apparently I'm only going to be going to Heart and Stroke in the afternoon to give whoever it is that tutorial, so after that, I don't know. EB Games still hasn't received any more copies of Guitar Hero II, so maybe tomorrow they'll get some.

Actually was able to go up there earlier tonight, seeing as when I went upstairs to check if Mom was out of her room or not, she was, and she agreed to take me and Adam out there, so yeah. Picked up Elebits, but I haven't yet bothered to go into the living room to play it :p

Might as well just finish watching this, then I'll head upstairs. Not much else to do :3

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