Karadur Inacu  (karadur) wrote,
Karadur Inacu 

Three Weeks to Go

I know it's not exactly enough to really consider noteworthy (moreso because it's technically three weeks and four days), but the end of the month seems to be sneaking up on me. Only just yesterday night on my way to 7-11 did I start to consider buying certain groceries ahead of time, to come to the conclusion that I'm not sure about what I should make this time (mostly for the furmeet), and that I don't have much time to decide, because I want to wait until our second pay of this month to go grocery shopping here, which will give me only five days (not a long time when I'll probably be scheduled to work Friday through Monday again) to go out and buy stuff. I am pretty sure that I want to make more s'mores cookies (one batch entirely for myself, and more), and also the ones with Oreos inside, but then what else? Cheesecake pie was popular before, so I could probably make a couple of those, but then that should be enough for Saturday, right? Two batches of those two types of cookies, two cheesecake pies, candy from Bulk Barn, and cheese breadsticks from Real Canadian Superstore. I need to break out of this mindset of needing to provide all of the snacks for the furmeet myself. Along with that, however, comes making things for consumption by only the people in the apartment. Will I still do that? Yes, but I couldn't say what, or how much. If I can find some definition for it, I'll just make what I feel like making. Maybe look through my bookmarked recipes and pick a couple items from there that look interesting.

As for other things though, I haven't done very much today, so there's not very much to say. I've been playing Darksiders pretty much since I woke up, as I started a new game now that I know what to look for, and stopped at ~6:30 to write this, before going to work. I did receive another unexpected cheque in the mail today, but this one is only for $22.75, so I'll probably just deposit it when I have a chance (clearly not tonight), but not use it for anything specifically. Things at the bank yesterday were taken care of without issue, and as a side-effect of rounding the values I was working with before to the nearest ten dollars, I actually have enough left right now to see the internet paid for without dropping below $700. Well, that is to say I would, were it not for those Paypal transactions. To make matters even better in regards to those, I received an email yesterday from the seller I bought the Project Diva Extend CD set from to say that there will be a slight shipping delay, because they're currently upgrading their servers. Yes. It should be out no later than this coming Tuesday, but that means it either has to be delivered on Monday the 30th, or I won't be able to do anything with it until I get home. At first I thought there might be a chance of getting it on Tuesday before leaving as well, but quickly remembered that I'll be leaving at 6:19am (so probably leaving the house around 5:30, because I might as well make use of the circumstances to go to McDonalds for breakfast), which is well before the mail will be delivered. Alas, there is nothing I can do about it. Ask about paying to upgrade to priority shipping, I suppose, but there wasn't an option for that given in the listing.

At any rate, I need to be off to work now, but not before I take care of a couple other things here. Less to do later means I can come home and get right back to paying Darksiders. I just hope I remember where I was going...

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