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Karadur Inacu 

What Did I Miss?

With the way things were originally shaping up for today, I might just be waking up again now, but I've actually been awake since about 1:30. Why? Because of, or rather thanks to Laura. She called me outside a couple hours into my shift last night to explain that she had spoken with Mary (on the phone), and through that come to the determination that for me, the staff meeting this morning was optional. Mind you, I did in no way complain about the prospect of having to stay up all night then get a bit of sleep before going in to work another shift - as a matter of fact, I actually said nothing about it aside from that I would probably try to stay up all night when Brandon asked back on Friday, but she still asked, even emphasizing to me that she had asked of her own accord, as opposed to her calling Mary on my behalf. As such, I laid down to go to sleep at about 5:30 this morning, woke up at exactly 8am, thought for a few moments about whether or not I should get up and head off to work then, and finally laid back down, to sleep until ~1:30. Mary apparently said that she'll explain whatever is going on now when we close next week, meaning it must not be terribly urgent, but I imagine I'll still hear from one or two people tonight. James, in all likelihood, because I left a curt note for him at the end of the night yesterday saying that if he cut the flap off the bottle of chives, I would dump a bucket of water on his head. It's somewhat justified, but I hope he'll see the intended humor in it all the same.

On a slightly different note now, but still one related to work, something odd happened with a customer last night, for the first time that I can recall happening to anybody. They pulled up while I was at the back washing dishes, so I greeted them, asked what they wanted to order, and was told that they only wanted a drink. Just a drink? Fine by me, but as nearly everybody else there is all too fond of observing whenever that happens, one could reasonably get more for less money by going up to the gas station or Food Basics. Still their choice though, so I didn't say anything, and went about taking their money as normal at the window, asked if they wanted the receipt, and passed the drink and straw toward them. The person who had ordered it (sitting in the back seat of the vehicle) squeezed the cup, causing the drink (iced tea) to spill on my hand and their arm, to which I stared at them blankly for a couple seconds, trying to think of what to say. I wasn't upset, because the mess could easily be cleaned up, so on one hand I thought I should say "Just a moment. I'll get you another one", and on the other, thought it would be better to wait for them to say something, because the way they squeezed the cup appeared almost intentional. Before I could say anything though, they drove away (with that passenger still holding the cup, no less), so I reached back for a rag to wipe off the window ledge and my hand, and asked Danny to go dump some water outside the window so the iced tea wouldn't stick and make a mess. People just don't make sense sometimes. If you actually want to be an inconvenience, there's a lot worse you could do than just squeezing the cup. I wonder if the lack of reaction (on my part) was worth two dollars and thirteen cents...

Work aside though, I think now would be the best time to go set things moving for later. I want to get snacks to have when I get home from work tonight, what with it being Monday once again, but I'd rather go somewhere other than 7-11, so if they're around, I would like to get a ride out to Dollarama before work, both for snacks, and for some non-edible items that will be needed for when I go to Toronto. Problem with that is not having been to the bank or Money Mart yet today, as a result of not going to the staff meeting this morning, meaning it'd probably be best to head out at ~6:30. Naomi and I were the only ones here when I went downstairs earlier though, and if I'm to go to Dollarama before work without getting a ride, I would have to leave at or around right now. Considering the weather out there, I think I'd rather not~

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