Karadur Inacu  (karadur) wrote,
Karadur Inacu 

Enough Exercise for One Day

I got back from a nice walk about an hour ago. Noticed something on the way home from Real Canadian Superstore that I wanted to go back for, and after some thought, decided it would be better to not wait until later, lest it start to rain. My destination was fortunately reasonably close to the house - just up past McNaughton on Sandys St - but the walk home really took it out of me. You see, the things I wanted to grab were heavier than expected, and the big bags I brought along were not big enough, so the entire trip back to the house was trying to balance several constantly-changing factors - the weight of what I was carrying, so my arms wouldn't get tired, my walking speed, so I wouldn't prematurely get so tired that I couldn't walk another step, and the positions of the plastic bags, because one began to tear and make things all the more difficult. I did successfully make it back home, covered in sweat, of course, then went straight upstairs to remove my clothes so I could have a shower. Getting to the shower required sitting down for ~5 minutes to rest first, then sitting down in the shower again, after shampooing my hair and putting conditioner in it, because it felt like if I tried to continue standing, I would once more become breathless before too long. I sat there for about ten minutes, before getting up, drying myself off, and stepping into my room, stopping to turn off my fan, because it felt too cold with it on. It was not, however, for even though my air conditioner was turned on as well, I laid down on my bed, and quickly started to sweat again. Lovely. I feel relatively better now (a bit sore, if anything), but I'm quite certain I will not be going out anywhere else today. Not even to 7-11, because even though I ate only toast when I woke up, and nothing else, I don't feel hungry in the slightest. And knowing my luck I'll get really tired soon from that walk as well.

That says enough of recent events, but what about other things from yesterday and today? Nothing truly interesting comes to mind, unfortunately, but I think one of the reasons for that might be how aside from the first week in the current string of having Tuesday through Thursday off, I've been approaching those days without any specific plans in mind. I just wake up whenever I wake up, and go about this or that as I see fit until I get tired enough to go to bed again. The most obvious solution to that is to simply come up with a list of things to do the night before, but what does that give me for tomorrow, then? I might go out to The Bargain Shop (the one out on Queen St), and, if I can manage, will refrain from eating more than a small snack at suppertime, so as to go to 7-11 then. Simple enough, and then next week (assuming I have another three days off then), I will start getting things ready for going to Toronto. Grocery shopping and making a list of everything I need for baking and stuff like that. I wanted to start on the latter last night, but got sidetracked with cleaning files out of the recycle bin (there were certain items I didn't want to delete), but it's just planning like that that I need to put more effort into. Set goals for myself so I can know that I've done something with my day. For tonight, one goal will be to have Skyrim to a state where I can play it without fussing over mods, another will be to make garlic bread for supper, so as to use some more buns, and the third will be to clean up my desktop, again. Right now though, I most want to go look out the window to see if it's getting cloudy and rain-like, and then there are groceries to be put away. Not necessarily difficult tasks, but that walk was enough. Now it's time to relax for a bit~

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