Karadur Inacu  (karadur) wrote,
Karadur Inacu 

Something of a Time-Sink

Right, so... I had hoped to get to writing this sooner than ~6:30pm, but certain things got in my way. To elaborate, wanting something specific to work on - not play - last night, but not wanting to get into Mario's Picross 2 again just yet, I started into Color Cross (an NDS game). It's pretty much similar to picross - standard picross rules apply, but the puzzles come in different colors, as well as widely-varying shapes (going from 5×5 for the first puzzle of a level to 25×20 for the last), as well as that thus far, all of the puzzles I've completed require every single block in the puzzle to be filled (that is, no empty spaces / x-es), which quickly comes to be time consuming. I spent roughly five hours (not even knowing that much time had passed) on the first level / theme last night, and about the same amount of time this afternoon on the second, only to then waste another good hour looking for somewhere to upload the pictures. I've been from LiveJournal's Scrapbook to Imgur to flickr to Photobucket, and none of them quite match my needs, so what I'm thinking about doing tonight is setting aside some time to clear the old, unnecessary galleries and images out of my scrapbook here, and then somehow make do with top-level (no nesting) galleries for those images, which would be far better organized with subgallery functionality. Unfortunately, I have quite a pile of dishes to wash just now, as well as - if my plans for today from yesterday hold through - The Bargain Shop to go out to, but I do believe I will skip that tonight. Not enough money, and a trip to 7-11 later would suffice, and maybe I will still head out there next week. Groceries yesterday were evidently more expensive than I anticipated though, so I have about $20 (which will increase to $40 if and when Tom pays me for the cookie pizza he wants me to make) to last until Thursday. Enough, provided I make use of what I bought at Real Canadian Superstore and Walmart (which I will), but it's a bit of an awkward position to be in.

For right now though, there is the aforementioned large pile of dishes to deal with. Is it enough to say that the sooner I get started, the sooner I will finish? Probably, but this is perhaps the one wrinkle in what has otherwise been an enjoyable day. I slept extremely soundly, almost straight through until 1am, quite appreciated the change in weather out there, and not really much else, but it has been quite nice. Dishes now though. I need to stop procrastinating~

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