Karadur Inacu  (karadur) wrote,
Karadur Inacu 

It Was Working Before...

I wonder if this is a permanent change... Up until yesterday night, accessing renard.teknolust.org redirected to lapfoxtrax.com. Just before the redirect, an image would be displayed saying that a new site design was coming "soon", so I kept using the old URL, assuming that I would eventually see the new site, instead of being redirected. As of last night though, the former doesn't work at all, and although other factors may have contributed to that change, I can't help but feel responsible. Is it really a big deal though? No, not particularly. I'll just have to get used to using the new URL, which shouldn't take too long. Besides, I might also consider updating my RSS feed for the site to properly report new albums, but I'll add that to my list of things to do when I'm bored. For the moment, I've about half an hour left before work, and similar to yesterday, wouldn't mind getting another puzzle in Color Cross started before I go. As expected, yesterday night was busy, but unlike last week, it didn't really register (to me, at least). Part of the reason is that I made it a point to not look at any clocks again, but more than that, I rediscovered one of the things that helped me to make orders more quickly before - assuming I'm on my own up front, keeping completely quiet, and not trying to communicate with anybody. It is a great deal easier to concentrate like that. Unfortunately, it's really only enjoyable when orders are constant, but assuming I'm assigned to the same position tonight, I'll try to do things exactly the same as yesterday. Also, the schedule ending on the 31st was up last night, and sure enough, there's no great change with my hours. From tonight, I close until Monday, have Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday off, and am back for Friday to Monday again with exactly the same people as this weekend. Laura and Brandon Friday and Saturday night, Laura on Sunday, and Mary on Monday, which means I close with Mary the same night that I will go home and be in a hurry to get everything packed up, but maybe that will still be alright. Several other new things last night have re-introduced rules that used to be in effect but were discontinued (having to rotate stock on Monday and Thursday closes, namely), which is rather comforting, in a way. There's also a weekend cleaning list for tonight, which Laura and I looked over last night. I volunteered to complete the first and tenth tasks tonight (organize the walk-in, and scrub the floor, as well as cleaning and organizing the pop shelf at the back), but will she let me? Probably not, because she has such a fatalistic attitude about extra cleaning anymore. Essentially, "If there's time to do extra cleaning, we'll see, but if there isn't, I don't care".

In completely different news, this article annoys me, in the sense that if I think about it, I can feel myself start to get worked up and agitated. Why? Not because of the simple mention of those animals, but because of the attitude of the staff. Too hot? Oh, okay. We'll spray some water on them, but not take them indoors where it's cooler for their protection. I realize there would be little point to a zoo without any animals to see, but that's where it becomes a conflict of interest. It also annoys me in a slightly different way because of how I react. As soon as I finished reading it, I started trying to justify that to how I see myself as well, which is clearly indicative of insecurity, which is a detriment in cases like this because without getting it out, such as by writing about it in here, it's going to stick with me for at least all night at work. It still might, in spite of saying what I have, because I would like to elaborate on it a bit more, but I need to get ready right now. First thing to be done is shaving, and then I have to find a bag to put over Tom's cookie pizza. At least I don't have to walk~

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